This game can get pretty addictive. Try it.

The best I could do (updated) 😛

Thanks INM.


This entry was posted on Tuesday, May 20th, 2008 at 8:59 pm

10 Responses to “Hit The Fly”

  1. Amjad says:

    My record is 19 seconds… but I don’t have something to document that! 😛

    Though, on my blog I have what documents that I could hit 10 flies in 20 seconds.

    What was your highest score ?

  2. loco says:

    lool etwanees :p

  3. Z'3an6oo6a says:

    31.32 seconds
    12 swats
    accuracy 84%
    my score is Great!

  4. pumkinah says:

    23 sec
    25 swat
    pretty good 😛

  5. Yousef says:

    you guys are good at it… well except for pumkinah lol i just updated the post with my score. not so bad huh? 😛

  6. Enigma says:

    HAHAHAHAHHA I do that in real life bs with mosquitos!! My score is 19%-SUCKY

  7. fadidraghici says:

    greets from romania!

  8. Yousef says:

    Enigma lol you did worse than pumkinah! i didn’t think that was even possible 😛

    fadidraghici hey romanian! 😀 welcome to the blog!

    The picture on the left was edited right? you didn’t hit 10 bugs with only 8 swats in less than 10 seconds! I’m having a hard time believing you did that 😛

  9. Rawan says:

    LOOOOOL t7awel el 3YOOON @@