Janet Replies to the people who have left her a message and starts calling them on their phones. Some people’s reactions were hilarious! CLICK HERE to listen to this guy who’s been a fan for over 22 years and just got a call from her. priceless reaction 😛

Click here to listen to the rest of the messages.


This entry was posted on Saturday, May 31st, 2008 at 11:42 am

8 Responses to “Janet Jackson Calls Fans”

  1. radflow says:

    Only Janet can make a grown man cry…funny tape…

  2. Sunshine says:

    I wish Madonna would call me 🙁

  3. Yousef says:

    Sunshine yeah I wouldn’t hold my breath 😛

  4. KTDP says:

    priceless !

  5. hespeaks says:

    Stupid site blocker.. I cant access the site. Yousef I bet you know what I mean, First flickr, then this .. Uurgh

  6. Awww! 🙂 She’s so sweet. I wish she would call me back. <3

  7. Sunshine says:

    There’s nothing wrong with dreaming 😀 shwayat optimism 😛

  8. Ava Decesare says:

    I adore Janet Jackson and her leaving the music industry is going to be a big loss. Their family has made a tremendous impact on music from ever since I can recall.