Note: At first I thought this incident happened in Kuwait, But I just read on another blog that it might’ve happened in the UAE. We don’t know where it happened, just enjoy the video, feel disgusted and move on! 😛

Thanks Tareq.


This entry was posted on Thursday, May 29th, 2008 at 10:24 am

7 Responses to “Mouse In The Frozen Meat Section”

  1. Dodo says:


  2. Pink GirL says:

    almfro’6 kel hal akeel yengaaa6 ma yenba3 🙁

  3. razzbuffnik says:

    That’s no mouse it’s a rat! No wonder the shop assistant was trying to block the filming.

    My grandfather was a butcher (when he was alive) and he said that mice and rats love meat. He also said that the mice and rats that live in the refrigerators at the big abattoirs, have fur that’s over an inch long (more than 2.5 cm).

  4. joy says:

    shit that is not a mouse thats a huge rat

    ana min awal ma a7eb carrefour weeeeeeeeee3
    la bdal la eyseedoonah eywa5er elnas 3ashan la eysawrooon

  5. Yousef says:

    Pink GirL elmafrooth.

    razzbuffnik an inch long fur! thats disgusting!

    Joy ee tewahhag maskeen gam ewakher lawadim 😛

  6. blasha says:

    yes i did 😛
    you copy cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Yousef says:

    blasha lol I posted about it before reading your blog, or any blog for that matter 😛 I got it via email 😛