Today me & my wife went to the chalet and 9K2HN insisted to swim, so i chose the pool instead of the sea since the last time i swam in a pool was in my honey moon, So me, 9K2HN and little J had a lot of fun there.. Now i am tired and want to eat! I think i’m gonna go to Apple bee’s now and have a nice dinner. πŸ˜›


If you’re a registered elector, you can check your status on MOI’s website. it shows where to vote and some other information.

This is my contribution, HILALIYA. πŸ˜€

Thank You INM.




I’ve always enjoyed intlxpatr’s dawn shots. I thought I’d give it a try. It won’t be a habit though, I’m not a morning person and the only reason I took those photos is because I stayed up and couldn’t sleep. πŸ˜›

@ 5:55am

It was a beautiful morning and the weather was amazing!

@ 6:10am


It will be opening soon in our co-op.

Thanks INM


Can you solve it?

you’ll be given the numbers: 3,7,15 and 31. You should arrange them in a way so that all the blue boxes have the #56 as a result.

I did it in less than 10 minutes (I spent over 15 minutes searching for cheats with no luck, then I started ). They’re saying it should be solved in less than 5. πŸ˜›

Click HERE to start solving!


Kuwait Airways’ website is hacked! lol πŸ˜›


Laptops connected to the net using ZAIN are seeing a hacked website, but others on Wataniya aren’t. Am I missing something ❓

Thank you Khalid.


Here’s another one of those β€œwow! why didn’t someone think of that before” ideas. I could have really used something like this at x point in my life,Β  In University, instead of drawing little arrows pointing to what your should remember you could’ve used these sheer Post-It notes to actually circle the blurb of text and remove any doubt of what I had to memorize when it was time to cram for exams. it going to cost you around KD3.750 for pack of 12 sheets.

Want to buy it click HERE.




Click on the image to view it in full size.

This time I won’t translate the whole article, I’ll just post the actual article in its original form and will offer just a summary, a very brief summary, coz i don’t want to leave some of you guys totally out.

Mom basically wrote an article discussing the recent renaming of one of our favorite area names in Kuwait, Al Messila, to a name that belongs to a late member of the royal family. She explains how its not appropriate and that there are people whom are benefiting from this by doing favors to get closer to the big guys. And lastly, she’s suggesting that a street named after that person or a high school would’ve been much more appropriate. Thats the whole idea in short.

I’ve talked to many people and all of them, me included, agreed that no one we know will ever stop using the old beautiful name in favor of the new name. We just think its not right.

I wrote a post around 4 months ago discussing this same issue, read it here. Many other bloggers have wrote about this and I liked this blog’s post the most.




Rumors have been circulating in the media all through last week about this surprise wedding. Now its confirmed, she got married to Nick Cannon, and who’s a better source of confirmation than the big O herself?

To watch today’s episode of Oprah where she and her friends discuss the marriage, Click here.

I knew something would get in my way of seeing Mariah in Dubai. I just knew. Now watch her cancel the show and the promoters refund our money.


Just as predicted, the concert got canceled and they’re refunding our money.


Yes, it arrived yesterday with the wheel too! what can i say?! Hmmm.. I have been a fan of Mario Kart ever since it first came out. Before this game came out, the best one, hands down was Mario Kart 64. This game takes the Game Cube version, improves it, and adds all of the elements that made the game famous in the first place.

The wheel is a great toss in, and is fun to play with, and the response is much more accurate than expected. Even better is that you can go online and play different people from around the world in versus mode or battle mode. This is so much fun when you don’t have someone you can play with at home… all you have to do is go online and you can play whoever you want. If you have a friend that has a Wii you can add their friend code and race each other too.

My Score:
Graphics – 4.5
Audio – 5
Replay – 5
Fun – 5
Controls – 5

Overall 5/5 (its a must for a wii owner!)


Today ANM went to our co-op and found that there is a car-washing service called ProntoWash. I think its a pretty good idea to just park your car, go get some things done and in around 30-40 minutes your car can look shinny and clean!

They also offer:

  • Premium hand wash detailing.
  • Hand Wax & Polishing.
  • Upholstery cleaning & Carpet shampooing.
  • Vinyl & Leather conditioning.
  • A/C Sanitization.
  • Advance Technology: Biodegradable Products.

For more info you can call them 806006

Thanks ANM


One year ago yesterday, a little boy came into this world oblivious to the fact that he’s got the greatest uncle in the world. πŸ˜›

The cake tasted good. It’s from Mr Baker. They did a good job and I liked the packaging (cardboard and cellophane tightly wrapped and stapled together). I remember when we were little, Mom used to buy our birthday cakes from a bakery in Nuzha, We tried to remember the shop’s name (its no longer there btw) but couldn’t. Do you remember its name?

We all bought birthday presents for the little guy and when it was time to unwrap the gifts, the boy was in cloud #9 and we ended up opening the gifts without him lol.

This one’s mine

This is Labeba’s

And this is Mom’s

There is also a little message from Mom to the baby boy engraved on the back of the chair πŸ™‚

If you like the chair and want to know more about it then you can click on this post for all the details.





Ladies, I think this will help you alot! instead of throwing or storing your old unwanted bags, this site will help you get rid of them by buying the bags and paying you in cash!

Walla i think its a nice idea. If there is a bag we don’t need anymore why keep it in the closet? πŸ˜›

For more info click HERE.


We went to the Boat show in Al Koot Mall last friday. Now I know nothing about boats but I really liked it, I thought it was very nicely organized and the people seemed to enjoy their visit.

The show was divided to 3 areas, one was in the fountains’ area, they built a little wooden bridge on top of the water that takes you all around that section of the show (as shown above). It looked very nice. The 2nd area was in the Marina in front of the fountains facing the sea (shown below) and the last area was near starbucks, just outside the mall.

This boat looked amazing.

I want to try this one day.

The boat I liked the most!

One of the better moments I had in this show was with this picture here (I took around 7000 pictures just to get 1 right). I’m not really a fan of boats, can you tell? πŸ˜›

You better click here to read the rest of this post and see the other pictures


I was told that the tickets are selling out, especially the better ones. Thankfully we, I mean loco, managed to buy us 2 tickets. I hope everything goes well coz there are unsettling rumors going around and canceled appearances on BET, TRL and The View,Β I just hope she makes it to Dubai.

If you’re planning on getting good tickets, book through the internet coz they’re sold out in most outlets in Dubai.

Source: loco


This site is offering driving simulator with google maps. Its kinda funny when you control the car with the arrows and space for accelerator. you can drive in your own area! Mishref, khaldeya… ect. πŸ™‚

Check it out HERE.


I bet that whoever designed this stove never used one in his life.


Posted by Yousef

Tomorrow, the 5th of May, a photography exhibition will be held in Bayt Lothan till the 15th of this month. If I’m not mistaken this is an open invitation for the public. Have anyone gone before? I’m thinking of going.

Bayt Lothan’s website

Thanks INM.


I was in the belajat street with my wife the other day and I noticed some new kind of traffic lights with 3 reds in them and they flash continuously. When I got a bit closer I read a sign nearby that says something like “if you see the flashing lights you should come to a complete stop! coz it means either the Amir is coming in or getting out of his house. They are located in front of the dar salwa palace.

And today i got a phone call from Ali saying the same thing, plus, now they are adding some kind of a bridge (I don’t know what to call it) with some sensors or cameras, I’m not sure what’s their purpose. Ali said that these little bridges are being constructed in Fahahel high way. Any one knows what are these thing for?

Thank you Ali.


So? am I addicted to blogging? This is my test’s result.

Naaahh… I’m a casual blogger πŸ˜› Take the TEST yourself!

Credit: Frankom