Why are USWS trying their best to do a bad job?! today i found one more thing to add to their list of flaws. 9K2HN told me the other day that something was up with USWS’ exchange rates, so today when I was paying my bill I noticed my bill was $41 and when converted by them it was KD12.71.

I did the calculations and it turned out they’re using a rate of 0.31 for all of their exchanges!! Guys the exchange rate nowadays is 0.261! (check the pic above USD1 = KD0.261) waain ga3deeen?! mo chethy ashkara 3ad!




Pictures of the Avenues, phase II.

Pictures courtesy of Tariq.




Finally my Blackberry 8320 arrived! I received it today from USWS (BTW They SUCK! from the time they moved to their new location everything got messed up!) Before i got it, I went to Zain and subscribed with them, It costs KD14 for local usage with 1 GB download, if you exceed it you’ll be charged 2 fils for each MegaByte, which means every GB will cost you KD2). The international package is 28kd a month.

Whats comes in the box:

  • Blackberry 8320.
  • USB cable.
  • Charger.
  • Hands free.
  • CD & manuals.

I ordered a charging pod which looks so sexy! Its coated with chrome, I really love it!

Just for the record, I bought mine for only KD125 and ZAIN are selling the older model of this BB the one without wifi for KD238 and its out of stock now. What a rip off! I’ve also installed the arabic fonts and now I’m able to read Arabic messages and websites.

over all i’m giving it 4.5/5 (due to its perfect functions!). It keeps you busy all the time 😛


If you’re thinking of attending Mariah or Fergie’s concerts in Dubai on the 15th and 16th of May, respectively, then you should sign up for the tickets right now and get on that waitlist they’ve put up. I’m not sure why they’re offering a waitlist option for those events, usually waitlists are for unconfirmed events.. wait a minute.. *Gasps*

Anyway, Here is the LINK, go reserve your tickets and they’ll contact you as soon as they become available for sale.

buona fortuna Y’all 😛




Lay hal daraja?! walla it looks so funny! SO defasha!

Thanks to 9K2HN


Thanks INM.