Today ANM went to our co-op and found that there is a car-washing service called ProntoWash. I think its a pretty good idea to just park your car, go get some things done and in around 30-40 minutes your car can look shinny and clean!

They also offer:

  • Premium hand wash detailing.
  • Hand Wax & Polishing.
  • Upholstery cleaning & Carpet shampooing.
  • Vinyl & Leather conditioning.
  • A/C Sanitization.
  • Advance Technology: Biodegradable Products.

For more info you can call them 806006

Thanks ANM


This entry was posted on Wednesday, May 7th, 2008 at 7:33 am

8 Responses to “ProntoWash in Mishref”

  1. 7zaya says:

    I think I saw the same thing in the parking lot in Salhiya (the one underneath Lorenzo). When I lived in the states they had that in one of the malls and it was really cool to just go shopping and come back and see your car all cleaned up so I was happy to see the same idea in Kuwait. And I think the Salhiya car wash makes more sense than the Mishref car wash because there’s an actual mall where you can shop and stay a long time.

  2. fashionated says:

    they’re also in salhiya..i like the idea of getting ur car detailed while u shop, 2 birds 1 stone

  3. Mishary says:

    i liked the idea alot!

  4. RaZ says:

    your link is wrong

  5. ProntoWash says:

    […] saw them in the parking lot of Muthana Complex, I then spotted them in the parking lot of Salhiya, SomeContrast spotted them at Mishref Coop and now they’re also in the Marina Mall parking. It seems like a […]

  6. OmAzoz says:

    i loved the idea ,it’s really nice and new concept in kuwait, very practical to have your car washed while you finish your shopping.

    i recommend every one to visit ProntoWash and try their service , they are mazing. i hooe if they open more branches in every where in kuwait.

  7. Hadhood says:

    welcome to ProntoWash in kuwait, i think after few months all kuwait cars will be cleaned .
    i visit alot of their locations and they told me that they will open more sites soon but they refused to tell me where?
    we will wait the new locations for ProntoWash.
    welcome again.

  8. q8tyGurl says:

    there service sux..and i dont like it at all
    dont recomend it to any one