Be aware of mobile thieves. It happened to someone I know.

Thank you Taymoor.


This entry was posted on Tuesday, May 27th, 2008 at 3:09 pm

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  1. hespeaks says:

    luckily i have never encountered such event. But, it’s true some sick minded people are out there. Man, they steal cars, what stops them from stealing phones.

    Beware people. :)


  2. anony says:

    that happened to me in LONDON,
    by a homeless ACTING lady!!


  3. Hamad says:

    mishary, happened to me in paris in 2004 same thing bas he was tryin to sell some mags.


  4. Yousef says:

    hespeaks true true

    anony I bet she has a better home than we do

    Hamad wit’haga mino ily kint aq9edah? 😛


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