Mustafa mentioned this new service in his comment on my ‘Aramex: Shop & Wait’ post and I’d like to share the comment with you guys.

His comment:

“Everyone… I found a solution! and you don’t have to leave ARAMEX.
I just subscribed to The American Concierge, they do almost anything for overseas customers, ANYTHING… They charge you a monthly membership, but believe me it’s worth it, you get your money back in no time. they even hand delivered my package to ARAMEX in NY and gave me a tracking number right away.
so far..so good”

Excerpt from their site:

At The American Concierge … almost anything you need in the US can be done through us.
As a brand new company, your subscription cost is just $89.99 a month which allows you up to 10 personal requests.

For the first year, we offer services to any country in the world, saving you money on customs and other transport fees.

We work with all courier services: FEDEX, USPS, UPS, DHL, ARAMEX, etc…

I for one don’t think I’ll need anything that would justify that price tag since most of the things I need I can easily get off amazon. Rarely do I need anything from somewhere else. But If anyone knows anything or have subscribed to this service, please tell us more about it.

どうしてそんなに好奇心旺盛ですか? 😀



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3 Responses to “The American Concierge”

  1. samir says:

    I contacted them through the site and received replies very fast. Mustafa has a point, I am having them puchase for me a macbook air and they promise to self deliver it to aramex the next day, and providing a tracking # right away.. oh yea and one more thing, they are saving me a lot on custom duties, the 89.99 a month charge is more than fair considering this. i would think they would charge more.

  2. mustafa says:

    update… they can hold all my shipments and consolidate it for me.
    hope they no raise the price, I will ask if they can ship me some other items that aramex can not.

  3. Makiko says:

    myUS.com has a Personal Shopper service that is much cheaper and faster plus they send your shipments personally and dont need another middle person