Yeah its gone. I went to the dentist today around 9 ish and thought I was there for just another drill & fill job, but the doctor seemed to have other plans for me, He drilled, wizzzed and hammered for half an hour then gave me a mirror. I marveled at my shiny new tooth for a second, then he took the mirror away and started all over again.

I didn’t know he was planning on taking my wisdom tooth today! He never told me! All he said was that we’re going to keep the wise teeth till last. But anyway, I wasn’t about to put up a fight, I wanted to get rid of that tooth specifically (long history) so I agreed and let him start. I thought it would take more time coz wisdom teeth got a reputation to live up to! but no, all it took was less than a minute and it was out. Although I think my heart stopped more than once during that minute, I think it went pretty well. Its still thumping though.

All the way back home I was really mad that no one mentioned the possibility of getting stitches. No one told me!

Now I have to watch what I eat, no real food for 24 hours, plenty of ice cream, no hot drinks and always rinse gently. I just took 2 panadols and 1 other great pain killer (Mefac). I’m not feeling real pain at the moment thankGod.


This entry was posted on Sunday, May 18th, 2008 at 1:18 pm

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  1. loco says:

    wa3aliah πŸ˜›

  2. fashionated says:

    7araaam πŸ™

    bye bye wisdom

  3. Kha says:

    Why is the stitches so important? lol

    You don’t always do stitches after wisdom tooth extraction. It should make it more comfortable for you though after today to eat whatever you want so don’t worry, it should be all okay after today πŸ™‚

  4. DVLz says:

    The other day you said ” The post’s sole purpose is to make you all as hungry as I am right now “. Now go back and watch your posts and suffer BWAHAHAHAHAHA

    *evil grin*

  5. q8ya says:

    mabrooooook!!!! i took out to wisdom teeth at the same time it didn’t really hurt but it differs from one person to the other πŸ˜‰

    anyway goodluck πŸ™‚

  6. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    My diet for the first couple of days was pineapple/apple juice, scambled eggs and mashed potatoes. I would suggest putting ice on the place because it will swell up in a day or two.

  7. Zabo0o6a says:

    haha , yalla at least they only took one not two at the same time as they did to me :/

  8. 5ermesS says:

    ana 5abra ena ma y9ir tasjed bl9allat for the first couple of days 3ashan iljar7..
    mo tgool ma7ad gally like “stitches” πŸ˜›

    Ma tshof shar ya bo ya3gob πŸ™‚

  9. At least you are still able to type. Thanks for the fun, sorry it ws at your expense.

  10. Yousef says:

    loco ilfal 7ag ilsanik

    fashionated bye bye indeed πŸ˜›

    Kha hehehe coz I was shocked when it happened! its my first time with stitches you know. but 9aj they’re heavenly sent! made the whole thing much easier and I feel better already πŸ™‚

    DVLz you’re evil! I like you! lol πŸ˜›

    q8ya you’re totally right. spitting makes it worse! thanks for the tip it helped πŸ™‚

    K.TheKuwaiti yeah i tried putting ice and I think it helped a lot. there is no swelling now. I discovered that the blender can be very useful! you’d be amazed at the things I blended and ate lmao πŸ˜€

    Zabo0o6a I wanted to take 2 out but the doctor told me that the other w teeth do not need taking out at the moment.. inyany ba3dain o gal basheelhom I’ll make sure iny asid7a washla3 throsa bilawwal. πŸ˜›

    5ermesS 3ad gally ina mako mishkila bisajda! ohwa chithee minafsa tebarra3 ibhalma3looma.. weird πŸ˜›

    Everything That’s Good I can also yell now πŸ˜›

  11. Chirp says:

    Laish ur heart stopped a couple of times?? Was it that painful? I might need to get them out :/ kharaaa3tni

  12. loco says:

    la wa taby et6eeb ba3ad ??

    eshloon kel ethrooseek wa tebga bas eb wa7ed :p

  13. Yousef says:

    Chirp I didn’t feel any real pain esara7a, just the pressure. but I have a bad habbit of visualizing everything, so when the doctor was doing his thing, my mind was racing and visualizing whats going on which made the extraction very.. ikhari3.

    Don’t think twice, if you need to get them out, go and get them out sahala inshallah πŸ™‚

    loco ya3ny nafsik al7een? πŸ˜›

  14. I went to a dentist who tried to remove my wisdon tooth . He yanked and pulled, blood started squirting in his face! Scared me to death. I never went back to him.