Yesterday me & my wife went to A’ayan to get a new car for our driver, our priorities are the following:

  • Rental car (coz we want a full insured car plus free service)
  • Economic car.
  • Small to medium size.
  • looks pretty (My wife’s priority 🙂 )

So we ended up with these two models:

Nissan Altima

initial deposit: KD300

Monthly payments: KD130

Honda Accord

Initial deposit: KD350

Monthly payments: KD135

Since i don’t have any experience before with Honda and Nissan i would like to ask you guys which one should I go for?


This entry was posted on Friday, May 23rd, 2008 at 6:53 pm

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  1. BloBoz says:

    Altima looks better..

  2. Mishary says:

    BloBoz sij ? bs tara el Honda is longer

  3. master says:

    Hi mishary

    I say Nissan
    I had one, siyagat’ha 7ilwa o elmokaiyefha 3ajeeb awal ma tshaghla seeda yeseer bard (thalj)
    bes ana ma 3indi el modail el yedeed…2005 gadeema
    o a7es enha thabta ba3ad

  4. zeyad says:


    im a first year student in uni (abroad) o awal ma 6ala3t il laisan ajart il altima il yideeda…9ra7a its really really gd!…its so reliable, comfortable, the handling’s amazing, it looks good…the a/c is great..it has a big boot and overall it’s a much more interesting car than the honda!

    i say go for the altima…gd luck! 😀

  5. hespeaks says:

    i would recommend the altima, great service at pit stops and pit shops. plus, i would say its safer too.
    Well, for a driver ,, i would choose an Altima.

    Good luck. 😉

  6. Splash says:

    well mishary, it seems the altima wins 🙂 i drive europian car but my kid thinks the altima is a reliable car so that’s another point from my side.


  7. pumkinah says:

    altima ooo bsssss !

  8. pumkinah says:

    can we choose the color ? 😛

  9. Mar1 says:

    If it is for the driver, I recommend the Altima, but if you want to drive it or any family member then get the Altima also 😉

    Although you’ll be more unique in the Accord, but it is not a driver car.

  10. joy says:

    جنه هوندا

  11. Mishary says:

    It seems the Altima wins .. any way thanks alot guys and Mar1 thanks alot and welcome to the blog 😛

  12. Abdul Aziz says:

    first of all y rent when after a year u would have payed about 75% of the car’s price ;p ??

  13. I’d say wait for the Nano. In the meantime, you could settle him in a Mini or a Reva on a temp basis.

  14. INTER DE MILANO says:

    chinaa honda better !!

  15. Mishary says:

    Abdul Aziz i know walla bs hathy betkoon full insured and fully serviced o law sama7 alah sawah ay 7adeth aw ay shay bas im gonna dropped there and take my new replacement, wayed 3ajbatny hal fekraa .. mako 3awar ras.

    the colour green what is the Nano ?:P

  16. Mishary says:

    INTER DE MILANO walla taby el sij .. it looks waaaaaaaaaaaay akshakh! .. bs ehny egoloon ena el Altima a7san …

  17. Hahahaha says:

    new accord looks way better.. oo better mileage.. honda better car.. 😉

  18. zeyad says:

    mishary, there’s a difference between the looks…i think what the ppl are tryna say is ina il altima shakilha sporty akthar bas il honda aksha5..3ad inta nag ily enasbik 😛

  19. Mishary says:

    zeyad Guys its for the driver maby tekoon sporty! abeeha eshwaya etkon kashkhaa more than el Altima 😛

  20. Nano Ninja says:

    It’s settled then; you are getting him the Skoda Octavia.

  21. My silly two cents; the first one’s “prettier”. =P

  22. Aromal says:

    Please dont listen to anyone. try to test drive both the cars in the same road and check the after sales service for both (ie. normal checkups and maintenance cost). As an accord owner im sure you will choose that one.