Since Ramadan is getting closer and i know there will be tons of kuwaiti series and talk shows, i think I’ll need something like a media center for me which is capable of:

  • Recording directly from a reciever or DVD player.
  • Can watch YouTube with it <- (MUST coz my wife is a BIG fan of YouTube πŸ™‚ ).
  • Built in hard drive.
  • Can work with Mac.
  • WiFi – G or N doesn’t matter.

A little search in Amazon plus Google ended up with:

Can anyone help me with it? can anyone find one with all the features above?


INM just got his Archos TV+ I just bought it from INM ((sharaita 3ala kharaba πŸ˜› )) and it seems its nearly perfect device, it got HD, YouTube, and many more. im thinking of getting one. BTW i will make a review of it.


There is this tiny little restaurant in Movenpick Hotel called Al Dente. It can easily be overlooked by everybody who hasn’t been in and ate one of its various dishes. Its little, the decoration is so so, and its in Movenpick. As you can see the odds that can come between you and one of the better italian restaurants in Kuwait.

I’ve been to this restaurant countless times. I like it because its not crowded, its consistent and I can have the pasta my way, which is a thing I really appreciate in an italian restaurant. I always order their pasta (whatever kind I feel like when I visit) with the cream sauce, I love heir cream sauce, its heavy so I always make sure that I stay away from any kind of appetizers just to make enough space for the main course. Recently my friend introduced me to a new kind of creamy sauce, it’s pink, a mixture of white and red sauce (I think they call it rosa?). Anyway, I usually ask the chef to be generous when using olive oil and garlic while making the pasta. (I just ate a pizza, I’m really not happy describing food).

The service is excellent and friendly. The atmosphere is nice, not great. The place is small and chances are everybodys gonna hear your conversations (but that happens everywhere in Kuwait coz Kuwaitis have it in their blood to eavesdrop, so it’s ok).

Score: 4 Out of 5.

Al Dente is located in Movenpick Hotel in Shuwaikh’s Free trade zone, near Villa Moda. Phone # 4610033.


Taken from the official google reader’s blog:

To make our (and your) Reader iPhone experience better, we wanted to really take advantage of the iPhone’s capabilities. Today we’re releasing a new beta version of Reader designed for the iPhone and other mobile phones with advanced browsers. You can use it by visiting on your phone.





I found out today that Al-Qabas newspaper has redesign their web site.

Click HERE to see the new design.


Today me, my wife with 9K2HN and his wife were having lunch at Paul we noticed some CHEAP decorative plastic flowers which were hanging all over the place, bs aby a3aref ako a7ad thoqa chethy in 2008?

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Every year Mom goes to the botanic shop near us and buys some more hydrangea plants to replace the old and dying ones. Sometimes she buys 2 and sometimes more, depending on how bad/good last year’s plants are holding up. When I’m here when and we go to the botanic, I always try my best to steer her away from buying the same flowers, I try and try AND try! but to no avail. I don’t know what is it with these flowers and I don’t know why all the other gardens around us have this same flowers. these and the lavender. Once the mission to buy a different plant this year failed (failed miserably. We bought 3 new hydrangeas!) I insisted on buying these little dividers/partitions just so I would feel like I made a tiny difference this time πŸ˜›

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I came across this website by mistake 2 years ago, or was it last year? not sure. I like the downloads section, it contains many of our favorite Kuwaiti sitcoms, like Khalty Gmasha and Darb Alzalag. A month or so ago I learned from a friend that the website is created by some Kuwaiti students who are studying abroad, in the UK. I think they did a great job. I hope they add some more Kuwaiti sitcomes and plays (masra7iyat) though πŸ™‚

The download section’s LINK.


Just thought I’d share my current homemade wallpaper with you guys, I think it looks nice as a desktop picture. πŸ™‚ Click on the pic above for the bigger version.




Just got this by email and i thought its useful to share it with you guys, it shows around 15 types which are cool.

Anyway thanks Ahmad

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From now on u will not search for ur remote again! with this stand you can locate it by just pushing a button. It also provides a drink holder. You can get yours for right around KD16.

Click HERE to buy one.




I’m near the Iraqi border! near Um qaser harbor. The funny thing is that my mobile is connected on “Zain IQ” πŸ™‚
Check out what I’ve got from Zain:
“Zain wishes you a pleasant stay in Iraq. To pay your bill, kindly visit or call our hotline +9654817770 for assistance.”

Egooli wishes u a pleasant stay in Iraq .. Ee inshallah πŸ™‚

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Going to the hospital all through last week in this country made me realize how lucky we are in Kuwait. We’re beyond lucky, We’re blessed in Kuwait and we don’t even know it.

We had to go to hospitals many times during last week and every hospital, doctor or waiting room we’ve seen (and smelt) was an eye opener to us all. Not only they’re understaffed, overcrowded, inefficient, stupid and retarded, but they also suffer from a serious lack of TIME-awarness! they don’t give a damn about the time the patients spend waiting inline. I mean.. we were in a hurry to get an injection, almost a routine injection, yet we had to wait inline for 3 hours just to get this done. 3 hours for a simple injection. Had the same thing happened in Kuwait we would’ve been in and out of the hospital in 10 minutes.

The other hospital we’ve been to was something else, the doctor whom my brother waited so long to see was an english illiterate doctor. She knew nothing about english, english was an alien language to her. She couldn’t treat a goat if her life depended on it! let a lone a human being! which made my brother get up and leave, without getting the proper med care he waited hours for.

You can’t go and get treated for a flu, cold, fever, broken arm, broken neck without waiting inline for hours. and I literally means HOURS.

We’re very lucky in Kuwait. Very. I’m not saying there is no room for improvement, I’m just saying that every once in awhile we need to stop and realize how fortunate we really are.




Yes, we had a mini twister here in Kuwait! This mini twister was around 10 meters long and 2 meter diameter.

Here is a better video

Ali caught it when he was near Boubyan island in north kuwait.

Thanks Ali.


As promised, Goats Town! in all its glory πŸ˜› Its in France, near Chamonix. approx. 30 mins away from both Chamonix and Geneve. Its in a mountain where a city called Morzine is located nearby,Β The obscure place in which this Goat’s town reside is called Les Lindarets.

The town is pretty small and filled with, well, Goats. They lay and walk around freely, you can buy specially packaged food and feed them (rizg lig6awa) they pose and follow you whenever they spot the plastic bag, which contains their food, in your hand. sometimes, in not so rare cases, they hassle you and pull the plastic bag out of your hand, leaving you feeling both angry and silly.

They’re all gathered around this giant salt cube, licking it and there are many other cubes lying around the place from them to suck into. From what I understood, Goats love salt and they’d do anything to have their salt fix. In Kuwait I saw them licking the cement around their cage just coz it got some salt in it. They actually made a dent in the cement from all licking!

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I just finished reading A Thousand Splendid Suns by the awfully talented Khaled Hosseini. I should first say that the writer didn’t drift away from what made him famous; his first novel. The story is set in Kabul, afghanistan and it sees much of what we already have read in The Kite Runner, and it adds some more.

I enjoyed the novel, I enjoyed the plot, the characters, the war-zone atmosphere and above all I very much enjoyed and marveled at the way he writes. Its a story of a young harami (bastard), her name is Maryam, who lives with her mother in a hut away from her father, who came to visit once a week. She awaits his arrival every week with patience, every single week, and loves him dearly and relentlessly, inspite of her mother’s constant bashing and warning that one day he won’t come to her anymore and will forget about her exactly like how he forgot to publicly own his mistake and let her, Maryam, live legitimately with her other sisters from his other wives.

The writer then starts another story with another girl who lives down the street from Maryam, her name is Layla, who is in love with Tariq. Fate plays the cruelest games with these 2 girls. They learn much about life and how, at times, it means nothing and everything at the same time. You learn much about how life was not so nice to Afghan girls during the 70’s, 80’s and ofcourse their worst days in the 90’s during the Talibans stage.

I recommend this very well written novel to everyone. Its like what you’re probably going read if you ever (not possible) read one of Amir’s* novels.

* Amir is the boy in Hosseini’s first novel.


I forgot the wallet in one of my pant’s 6 pockets and threw the pant in the laundry basket. πŸ˜€ After searching everywhere, we finally found the wallet at the bottom of the washing machine soaking wet and soapy. The money didn’t take much time in the sun to dry up.. I wish I could say the same thing about my wallet.


“Although Apple is marketing Mac OS X Snow Leopard as an operating system update with “no new features,” under the hood improvements will actually translate into a slew of new enhancements”

New multi-touch framework

With all Apple notebook systems due to ship with multi-touch enabled trackpads following this summer’s MacBook and MacBook Pro design overhauls, Apple is putting the finishing touches on a complete multi-touch framework that will ship as part of Snow Leopard.”

Slimmer applications

Another goal of Snow Leopard is to reduce the overall footprint of Mac OS X so that it can be scaled to a growing array of mobile devices that will rely on lower capacity solid-state Flash RAM drives, like the upcoming Apple Newton Web tablet.”

Text processing features

Taking a page out of Redmond’s handbook for once, Snow Leopard will also leverage text processing features originally conceived by Microsoft as features for Word.”

Auto Activation

Apple will also build out its Data Detector technology with Snow Leopard. In addition to extracting contacts and events from Mail as it does in Mac OS X Leopard, the technology will be used to help expand upon Font Book to provide full Auto Activation of any fonts requested by any application, using Spotlight to track them down.”

ZFS Support

Finally, Snow Leopard will also be the first version of Mac OS X to boast full support for the much ballyhooed ZFS file system, originally designed by Sun Microsystems for the Solaris Operating System.

Mac OS X Leopard debuted read-only ZFS features, but Snow Leopard and Snow Leopard Server will provide both read and write support for the new 128-bit file system.”

Note: You know what I think the most important phrase in all of this copy-paste fest that just happened? This phrase “ship with multi-touch enabled trackpads following this summer’s MacBook and MacBook Pro design overhauls.” uhhh… WHAT!! 😯

Taken from Apple Insider, here is the FULL ARTICLE.

Thanks Taymoor.


Anyone noticed whats wrong? πŸ˜›

Thanks INM


This is how they do it, incase you ever wondered πŸ˜›

Thanks INM.


A whole post dedicated to Goats’ town is coming up soon. πŸ™‚