2 days ago we were at a cafe and I wanted a nutella crepe. I asked for Crepe avec chocolat, then I said avec nutella, But the lady at the counter replied with a superior tone I didn’t care for “you’re in switzerland you should eat the swiss chocolate, not nutella.” I think chocolate crepes are supposed to be with nutella not any other kind of chocolate, and I told her so as she was already in the process of making the crepe with her swiss chocolate.

I liked the end result. I liked the flaky/powedery chocolate she poured over the crepe and how it melted. Nutella would’ve been 10 times better, thats for sure, but it was good nonetheless.

I hate snobby europeans.


This entry was posted on Sunday, June 8th, 2008 at 1:18 pm

16 Responses to “Chocolate Crêpe”

  1. chika says:

    Best crepes I’ve had in Kuwait with Nuttela are at Awtar Lebnan at Marina.. go try them!

  2. bo9ale7 says:

    boya3gob eshda3wa allah ehadak , dezlnena eshway 😛

  3. Dodo says:

    oh! u just reminded me of the chocolate crepe at waterlemon! YUMMY!!!!

  4. Pink Girl says:

    3alek bel 3afia
    shaheetna 3la al crepe ana ma thegt mn gabol alchocolate crepe
    yabella 😀

  5. pumkinah says:

    thakrtni feeh !!

  6. pumkinah says:

    bs 3la hl 7ar yabeela scope of vanilla ice cream 😉

  7. Pure says:

    The best chocolate crepe i ever had was in lausanne in ouchy lake, it is a must every time we go to Switzerland !

  8. Sunshine says:

    The best chocolate crepe I ever had was in universal crepes on bliss street in Beirut.. They put hershies inside it… 🙁 I miss!!

  9. Hamad says:

    another “hate you” comment

  10. HBZ says:

    i second Hamad :P.. isnt that glubes crepe ?

  11. :::ShoSho::: says:

    Is that in Globus? I like their crepes but I prefer them with cheese!

  12. [He]speaks says:

    Sure looks yummy ,, how’s it going there, you guys having fun ?

  13. Intlxpatr says:

    Nutella? Ick! Try a crepe in Belgium with Belgium chocolate – to die for!

  14. That crepe looks heavenly !

    O b3dain tabi nutella wenta eb Swiss? mako fayda ;p

    You can get a nutella crepe everywhere, so you should cherish the swiss chocolate ! with that amazing crispy -to die for- crepe

    I’m envious ;/

  15. Nick says:

    OR… it could just be that you’re culturally insensitive?

    Maybe the Swiss make those things all the time, they make them their way, they’re proud of them and you should be honoured that they wish you to taste their version since you are after all on their soil?

    Imagine you make something superbly well and are proud of it (eg. the Swiss with their chocolate, cheese, clocks etc.) Would you not naturally take any given opportunity to show others how good you are at making that thing?

    I’m glad you didn’t freak out completely though. I would say you need to try a little harder to appreciate the mindset of the host (meaning people in the “host country” in general) rather than automatically assuming that they incorrectly think they know (or are) better than you. After all, you might have been a person who liked that Swiss chocolate more than your nutella.

    And yeah, at a past point in my life I may have felt the same way. But unsurprisingly, when you’re forced to live and work alongside people of very different cultures from your own *as an equal*, you ultimately learn some respect and empathy.

    And then you will be well aware when someone is being snobbish toward you.

  16. Yousef says:

    Nick I’ve been visiting countries out of Kuwait all of my life. I know when people are being snobbish and hateful and I know when people discriminate against me being an arab, and I also know when people are being nice. I lived abroad for 4 years too. You couldn’t be more wrong there 🙂

    Switzerland.. been there every year since I was 4. 90% of their crepes are served with nutella. SO, when a snobbish lady serves me a “swiss” chocolate with my crepe, SHE should expect people to want nutella instead.

    I’m a paying customer, don’t talk about hosts and hospitality, she’s not giving it for free. I’m paying! I want it MY WAY!

    aside for the type of chocolate she served, which turned out to be tasty and I was glad I didn’t throw it away, she was hateful and NOT nice. thats why I thought she was a snob.