Today we were discussing this issue in my father’s in law house, yes how come our airport got a duty free shops and our country doesn’t apply taxes?! i went to Wikipedia and double checked “Duty free” definition and came out with this:

Duty Free shops: Duty-free shops (or stores) are retail outlets that do not apply local or national taxes and duties.

Can anyone clarify this to me?!



This entry was posted on Wednesday, June 11th, 2008 at 12:01 am

10 Responses to “Duty Free in a Tax-Free Country?”

  1. lfc-q8 says:

    as far as i know in kuwait there is a 5% charge for customes

  2. Mohammad says:

    Duty Free is more of a concept .
    it is located only in airports<<from what i’ve seen.
    and it’s just a brand name just like WALMART.

    their prices are high anyways so they end up paying taxes to countries that force it and they don’t for the ones that don’t .

    it’s well known world wide .. so the expansion to non-taxed countries was just business not a necessity

    that’s it.

  3. casio says:

    yup exaclty like lfc mentioned .. a 5% charge is added to goods sold in kuwait .. so perfumes and make-up is cheaper to buy in the airport

  4. Pure says:

    Hmm .. well i never thought of it, but now that u mentioned it i do know that they take customs duties in Kuwait as lfc-q8 mentioned ! so the goods that are bought at duty free do not attract the usual government customs duties

  5. Jam3iiya(L) says:

    I think they’re just put a duty free because the other airports have one or because most people buying from the duty-free usually buy from it because of taxes, they dont(?) know that Kuwait doesn’t have taxes…does the 2nd part make sense?

  6. BB says:

    nice issue that we didn’t think of ever :p
    well I believe that DutyFree shops in q8 are so expensive in general .. and they are not duty free at all even from the 5% mentioned .. but it’s LIZOM EL KASH’7A

  7. Q80 BOY says:

    Do you even call the duty free in Kuwait a Duty Free.

    On my last trip i wanted to buy a magazine to read during my flight and they told me they dont sell it IN the duty free you should have bought it from OUTSIDE (before the security thing)

    Overall i think the kuwait duty free is like a baqalla compared to Hethrow duty free or even dubai duty free.

  8. mentabolism says:

    The goods are sold minus 5% import duties. You can buy stuff only on the way out…and not on the way in…at least that’s what they told me the one time I tried it..

  9. hahahaha … you know what … i never thought about it … and you are right …. but hey some friends told me that u get cheaper stuff there, whatever they r doing it is getting u cheaper stuff

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