As promised, Goats Town! in all its glory 😛 Its in France, near Chamonix. approx. 30 mins away from both Chamonix and Geneve. Its in a mountain where a city called Morzine is located nearby, The obscure place in which this Goat’s town reside is called Les Lindarets.

The town is pretty small and filled with, well, Goats. They lay and walk around freely, you can buy specially packaged food and feed them (rizg lig6awa) they pose and follow you whenever they spot the plastic bag, which contains their food, in your hand. sometimes, in not so rare cases, they hassle you and pull the plastic bag out of your hand, leaving you feeling both angry and silly.

They’re all gathered around this giant salt cube, licking it and there are many other cubes lying around the place from them to suck into. From what I understood, Goats love salt and they’d do anything to have their salt fix. In Kuwait I saw them licking the cement around their cage just coz it got some salt in it. They actually made a dent in the cement from all licking!

^Does this Cottage look familiar? 😉

^ We ate here. pics of the food can be found further down the post.

Lots of souvenirs in this little town. they’re all very well crafted and look exceptionally nice in the living room. 

^ This is what you have to put up with when you’re visiting. That and the smell.

This Goat is definitely bored. That or its observing it’s next victim.

It’s got to have it’s Salt fix!

Les Lindarets Exact Address.


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7 Responses to “Les Lindarets A.K.A. Goats Town”

  1. Ahmad says:

    Is that goat meat you’re eating with the fries?

  2. 7zaya says:

    Laish ma 9awart goat cheese 😛

    Shakla wanasa. Although I’d be terrified out of my wits ma 5iftaw yin6i7oonkum!!!? 😀

  3. pumkinah says:

    3gb hl goats waini o wain akil la7am ! 3sa ma agleb vegetarian !

  4. slai7e6 says:

    juwa5eerhom kash5a 😛

  5. Yousef says:

    Ahmad EWWW!! no no no! mine was beef! lol

    7zaya mayen6e7oon, 7esbalich 9khool likuwait idafsheen 😛

    pumkinah shda3waaa! kho ana kalait steak bogar mo steak 9khala lol 😛

    slai7e6 ee wallah 🙂

  6. those pelts look to be of such good quality! lucky you!

  7. Yousef says:

    miss ghesquiere we bought some of them and they’re all of a real high quality. We bought a white one once and were surprised to find the same exact white fur at IKEA that same year 😛