A few days ago i was in my father’s in law house, and found out that Bashar got a full collection of Grendizer with traditional Arabic language. In my opinion it was one of the greatest cartoons ever, that have been translated to Arabic.

It’s a set of 4 DVD packages and each one has 3 – 4 DVD and according to Bashar they are of high quality.

You can order them from HERE, You can order any language you wish from this series.

BTW does anyone have any idea when it was first produced? i mean originally in Japan?

Thanks Bashar.


Anime: UFO Robot Grandizer
Episodes: 74 episodes
Year: 5/10/1975 till 27/2/1977

Thanks to DVLz


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  1. DVLz says:

    Anime : UFO Robot Grandizer
    Episodes: 74 episodes
    Year : 5/10/1975 till 27/2/1977


  2. 9k2hn says:

    Grendizer and Sindibad are the best cartoon ever, i hope my son will like them so i will be able to watch them again…. πŸ™‚

  3. ashkanani says:


    I know this product its from a friend his name is wasim esmael
    also he has a site http://www.grendizer.net i hoop from all to check the web site to see the product & the offers he have .

    B.R. to all


  4. SimplyM says:

    Nothing beats Grandizer,
    Those DVD’s were ripped from the Original Japanese DVD’s, you can get those from cdjapan (www.cdjapan.co.jp) but for a large sum of money. The bad thing about the DVD’s is that the audio has been slowed to match the video (NTSC and not PAL), some editing has been done to the original version, and some scenes have been removed since Wassim has done some “censoring”, you will also find an annoying watermark on the video stating that this is the “work” of Wissam…

    I’m good with my old “Jamal AL Lessi” set of 19 VHS tapes πŸ˜€

    ah…the memories πŸ™‚

  5. Wasim Ismail says:

    Nice to see that my work has reached many places. To the one criticizing my work above, first, my name is Wasim, not Wissam. Second, you will not find anything any better quality than my work, enjoy your outdated VHS tapes.

  6. Yahya says:

    Dear Fan,
    Here came the most wated Arabic DVD of Ufo Rogo Grendizer , for more information visit http://www.UfoRoboGrendizer.com

    its Unedited
    Its Remastered in High Definition
    its 5.1 Digital Dolby

  7. SimplyM says:

    @ Wassim, sorry for the typo..
    Not sorry for the criticize on the other hand..it’s really funny how you call it “your work”, in all cases , my criticizing has specific points, your reply was as vague as a salesman selling used cravates on the street ” you will not find anything any better than my work”

    Here are the annoying facts about “your work”:

    1- Very expensive for RIPPED UNLICENCED DVD’s
    2- ANNOYING watermark! This is not space toon man, these are commercial DVD’s, the Japanse originals from TOEI (the ones you ripped) don’t have that water mark, lol and YOU need it?
    3- Edited sound, you inserted sung background music IN A VERY BAD WAY where they don’t belong, nothing beats the original audio in the tapes!
    4- Sencorship, man we saw those cartoons as kids, and we all understand that different ppl pray to different God’s, if the arabic TV’s played them as is, why do you need to be more conservative, you simply RUINED it.
    5- The DVD’s look like commercials to your site, why would any one need all those links and signatures on the DVD’s, the DVD’s are about Grandizer, not you and your site.

    About the “outdated” tapes, the BEST thing about those is that they’re “original” they came from a known licensed sequence of sources, they weren’t “home made” nor hybrid nor stolen property. The tapes are collector items, not sure you’ll understand that anyways.

    BTW, as a serious Grandizer fan, I don’t have only the tapes, I have tons of versions, from the japanese master discs, to french versions, and of course I have your version which took its way allover the net, I HATE it and that’s how I’m judging it. So I’ll enjoy all of those πŸ˜‰

  8. Wasim Ismail says:


    You’re simply wrong.

    Your opinion of my work is only a drop in a sea of excellent feedback, truly insignificant. My website and popularity speaks for itself, you are the one that is vague.

    Expensive you say? Let’s not even go there, it is obvious that you have no appreciation for quality like most Arabs.

    The watermark is to protect my new production. If my work was as bad as you say, then why is my first 2002 production all over the place? Why not someone else’s? So much so that even TV stations were broadcasting it, even the interview with Jehad Al-Atrash had my production playing on the side.

    The second don’t belong where I put them? Watch the more complete Japanese version and find out which songs they used and where. As far as sound is concerned, people like yourself fail to compare the sound precision and quality maintenance that I accomplished as opposed to other producers who screwed up the sound due their lack of knowledge and experience in this area.

    Censorship (learn how to spell), go to mexat and read the interview to find out. When you are making money from something, it must agree with your principles to start with, it seems to me that your principles are messed up as well as your priorities. Arabic TV’s did not play them, the Saudi TV stations did not play certain episodes, get your facts straight.

    It took its way all over the net, there is a reason for that which I’ll leave up to your intelligent mind to figure out.

    Lastly, don’t be a coward and post crap about people, email me directly if you have the nerve to argue, I am not hard to find nor am I as vague as the likes of you.

    Wasim Ismail.

  9. SimplyM says:

    Man look at your tone, you’re so defensive, I apologized about the typo in my post, and there you are again hunting down my human typos, sad…

    You’re still calling it your work, man you’re just an EDITOR, the actual work goes to the original performers, those are the ones who should be taking credit, you calling it your work is kinda sickening one has to say.

    And about the “arabs” part, what are you yourself? have you lost your identity on the way out or what? and no I appreciate value, PS: I bought the Japanese version which is WAY more expensive than yours, what I appreciate is ORIGINALITY, you see to me, the “crappy” video tapes are worth TONS more than your sad sad DVD production, wanna know why? They’re ORIGINAL, so let’s not talk about “appreciation and arabs” shall we? πŸ˜‰

    Your “Edition” is allover the place because it was simply the first edition to be widely spread on DVD’s, you do have very good advertising skills one has to say, you did your work, this is why it’s all over the place, but well, so are chinese crappy products, they’re all over the place, and the one who don’t really value originality are satisfied with it, your version is the “defacto” of the arabic grendizer version online, that’s why anyone gets it so easily and don’t bother looking for “better” versions

    As for censorship, how dare you question my principles! dude, you dealing in STOLEN rights puts you in NO PLACE to ask such questions, you’re just a phony, And so I take it that you live in Canada and yet, somehow, you don’t accept ppl showing religious rituals other than Islam, I wonder what you do in your daily life, and how you “accept” others while not being affected… I’m sorry, you’re the person who is double-standarded…

    And lastly, I’m no coward, you have no “open space” for ppl to comment on your production hence declaring my opinion, and my comments were on your production not on you, untill you started insulting me in your last post, your production has already been discussed in forums such as “montada.com” where ppl gave detailed analysis of your crappy “version”, are they cowards too? and what gain would I have provided if i sent you a mail? lol, would you have stopped your production?

    Give me a break will ya?

  10. Wasim Ismail says:


    Of course I am an editor, and I edit it anyway I please. If you make an edition yourself, you can do whatever you like as well.

    Putting aside the editing, my production surpasses all others in terms of quality, nobody in their right mind would deny that.

    I am Arabic of course, but I am not cheap like most. I have dealt with Arabs for a long time. What does this have to do with losing my identity? I admit faults even if they are from my own kind. So you want to hide those faults because you happen to be Arab as well? My family had a business for 17 years in this country catered towards Arabs and Muslims in particular, and I know what kind of a pain it is to deal with our people. We don’t respect professionalism or specialization, this is a sad fact.

    Censorship and ethics. The Arabic Grendizer, like most if not all other cartoons, is public domain now. You know what that means? No copyrights, do some research and find out for yourself. Show me where the copyrights infringement is. As for censorship, you should know that your work and any other person’s work should come from sanctioned means. I will not make my money from promoting something that contradicts my beliefs.

    You honestly don’t know who you’re talking to. I participated in Islamic radio broadcasting for 10 years right here in Canada. I interact with many faith groups and respect their “right” to practice their different faiths. This is not the same as respecting the faith itself. I don’t respect polytheism (“shirk”) or unsanctioned displays of sexuality no matter how small. My neighbours and I get along very well as well as my colleagues at work. So making assumptions on your part is quite a fallacy.

    I do have open space, my site is the most popular Grendizer site on-line, and my email is posted for all to see. I get anywhere between 500-1,000 visitors daily and letters on a regular basis expressing gratitude for such a rich site. I even accepted a face-to-face dialogue on mexat.com although I knew the likes of you would come and try to impose the all-or-nothing approach to the work I did. That one ended with people admitting that my work is the best in terms of quality.

    Wasim Ismail.

  11. SimplyM says:


    Thank you for adjusting your tone, now we can discuss. To make things easy, let me state what I want in bullets.

    1- By insulting arabs, and calling them “mostly cheap” you are letting go of your identity, not only that, that’s how you classified me when you wanted to show me I didn’t appreciate quality (yeah right!) you called me an arab… well so are you my friend… where are we going from here? I suggest you leave the race thing aside, it’ll only make things worse.

    2- About the “Quality” of your editing, well it’s a simple RIP of the original Japanese restored DVD’s, how do you claim this quality is yours? it’s the Japanese work… And man believe me, listening to the audio of your “editing” only made me sad, you mixed different sources, having different pitches, different noises and coming from different media, making your “editing” a sorry hybrid, don’t tell me you don’t notice that, how the audio changes when you’ve edited it. It’s really really bad, and the thank you’s you get are from fans who don’t really know/care about the details I’m talking about. I’m sure you know what I mean.

    3- About the copyrights, I’m sure a Grandizer fan like yourself know about the problems into which Declic Image (google it if you don’t), the french production company, got itself into by releasing “the french version” of Grandizer. The only reason why you’re not hunted by “Toei Animation” is that you’re too tiny to notice, a blip on their radar as they say… Please do not tell me Grandizer is an open rights artwork, though the Lebnese production company has not claimed its right in the voice production, they still have the right to, as for the video, well that belongs to Toei.

    4- About the religious part, no one can interfere/judge your relationship with God, on the other hand if you’re not clear on point 3 above, well than you might be having an ethical dilema of what is right and what is wrong, I suggest you revise the copyrights part and give it a little thought, that is if you haven’t done already.

    5- Finally about the mexat.com, where did you get that part where everyone finally agreed you had the best version, man your version is least to say horrible, it’s like a mutilated version of Grandizer, the detailed thread is here
    http://mexat.com/vb/showthread.php?t=333640 if someone wants to check it out.

    6- I do agree that you have the BEST grandizer site in arabic language, you’re famous, but due to the lack of quality in the arabic versions available (mostly yours also), and due to your propaganda, you’re selling good, this doesn’t mean that your version is ANY good measured to my standards, believe it or not, I do favour the ORIGINAL VHS tapes of Jamal el Leithy comapred to it, though old, I know where it came from. And when I like to admire the image, I play the Japanese DVD’s.



  12. Wasim Ismail says:


    I will respond to your reservations one by one.

    1 – Insulting Arabs. I admit faults even if they are of my own kind. It is fact that many of us are uneducated and don’t put value on professionalism. It makes no difference whether I am Arab or not.

    2 – Quality. Have you seen other people’s before before you talk about quality? Capturing with Super Video and not stuffing too much video on one DVD certainly came out with good quality when I first began. Every production I did was better than the one before. It was video capturing, which is what most people do. The DVD ripping part is what I am going to do next and that entails taking the VOB files, converting into lossless digital video AVI and using that to remaster. To make a long story short, what I will come out with as a final production in a few months will be a replica of the Japanese with the same 24 frames per second (film rate) and the 2:3 pulldown. As for audio changes, even the Aflam Jamal Al-Laithi tapes had faults. This is where I used various other sources to assemble some episodes together. This is called archiving, bringing back something in as complete form as possible. That requires skill as I am sure you realize.

    3- Copyrights. I have very close connections with the American company that has copyrights with Toei Animation. This thing with Declic on-line is inaccurate and it was appealed. This wasn’t made public though. Toei itself has issues and they haven’t honoured agreements with the American company, which I will not surprised it if goes to sue them eventually.

    4- Religious Part. As I mentioned above, the copyrights thing is not as straight forward as it might seem. There is a lot going on that is being made public.

    5- Mexat.com. One of the administrators of the forum concluded in the end that quality wise and aside from the censoring, my set is the best. Read the last comments.

    6- I am not sure where you get the propoganda idea from. I built a site and I use it to trade, where is the propoganda there?

    As a lost point brother, I would love have to have a set which has perfect audio without any faults whatsoever. The VHS set you mentioned, I had at one point, and it was not perfect, this is where I had to fill in the gaps. If you have something to offer, email me directly and we can talk.