Finally! they are accepting online payments. This what i’ve got from Ahmad:

“Dear Valued Customer,
Thank you for using our SHOP&SHIP service. Our aim is to continuously enhance your shopping experience with us.

We are about to launch a new feature on which would allow you to make online payments for your shipping charges. We would like to offer this feature first to our VIP clients in order to eliminate delays in delivery due to cash unavailability.

We hope that this new feature will be to your satisfaction, and we welcome your feedback on the service.

We want to assure you that our most important objective is to continue providing you with quality transportation services that meet your needs effectively.”

i think now i can say Bye Bye USWS 😛

Thanks Ahmad



I think this been going on for awhile now and not only to our posts, other blogs’ posts too aren’t showing on Safat. I don’t know how long this is going to take.. Does this mean that this is a beginning for the transition to

Oh and I Just now realized that with us changing hosts from to our own server we’re no longer listed on wordpress and their tag system. Great timing to lose 2 sources of visitors, dontcha think?


Yes! Finally our co-op decided to open a real toys store. This is for elmama the minute I saw it you came to mind.. So from now on I think little M will get a gift every day 🙂

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We went to an italian restaurant the other day, it was recommended by Hamad’s boss. When we first saw the street it’s located in and the neighborhood we had our little doubts. We know that restaurants in europe and especially in switzerland aren’t flashy and the best restaurants always look kinda cheap, but still, the place looked weird for some reason, maybe being behind the train station and all.. I don’t know. We wanted to sit outside but the waiter told us that we only have this cramped table to sit at coz the other section is not being served for the night. We didn’t sit outside and went in. The restaurant is small and not so cozy, there was a football game being played on TV and italian waiters arguing loudly. My brother couldn’t have been any happier, being an AC Milan fan and all, he couldn’t have wished for a more italian restaurant to be in.

We sat and the Pizza oven was right next to us, the smell was killing us, it smelled so good inside! we skimmed through the menu. We knew we’re going to order pizzas for starters, it was only a matter of quantity and we all ordered the same maindish (by accident, I’d like to believe), a home made tagliatelle with creme and mushrooms.

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its worth ONLY KD27,000 .. Ya balash walla 🙂

From their site:

“The exceptionally stunning saree is meticulously woven with 12 precious stones and metals to depict 11 of Raja Ravi Verma’s popular paintings. Explicitly projected is ‘Lady Musicians’, one of the painter’s very famous works that displays women belonging to diverse cultural backgrounds.”

For more info click HERE.

Thanks Ahmad


Well, I hesitated for a bit before really going ahead and make this post, I didn’t want to show the extent to which I went to make the sky that shade of blue, or the grass that green.. not to mention the sun which I created from a scratch 😛 But what the heck. Here are both photos, both in HDR but with no photoshopping whatsoever. promise. 😀

The Original Picture

The Photoshopped Picture

Can you tell the difference? They’re identical! getlekom mako farg 😛


Remember my post regarding Crêpe Café soon will be opening in Kuwait, Well few days ago ANM sent me this pic which shows that it will be open soon in the Avenues phase II, i think i guessed it right! 😛

Thanks ANM


Playing around again with photoshop and the camera. Click on the pic for a bigger version.


I think this is a good idea to get your car serviced and repaired while you’re at home, work or even somewhere else remote. Good idea.

I liked the idea esara7a i think I’m gonna give them a try.


They do delivery on this # 834 834.

Thanks Fatma.


Zain have reduced their MMS and Video call prices, they’re 50 Fils/MMS and 45 Fils/min for video calls now, however, the calls should be within Zain’s network. I think they are still highly priced.


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Just found out that VERSACE has just opened in the Avenues.

Thanks INM


We have a reader, `zEzO !, who is a beginner in photography like myself. He has some photos he’d like to share with rest of us so we can all help provide some kind of critique. Here are his photos:

Look into the gallery and make sure post your comment, tell him what you think.

Hope this helps `zEzO ! 😉




As you may already know, I’ve been looking everywhere for hotspots because of my internet problem, and I came across this interesting website recently that offers you a list of free hotspots all over the world. Take a look HERE.


Yesterday INM & ANM were in the Avenues and they found out that another Johnny Rockets has opened in the Avenues mall, in phase two, Its upstairs in the food court.

Even Applebee’s opened there. I’m wondering now what about phase three, will there be a JR III? 😛

Thanks ANM & INM




A picture of Evian’s lakeshore. (yep in HDR 😀 )

We went to Evian and I made sure this time to visit their source of free Evian water. They park their cars infront of this little water fountain and fill up their empty bottles, costing them nothing but the gas money to drive up to this place. which is very near the center of the town anyway.

It doesn’t stop running, 24/7. fisag.

These 2 ladies were there filling their bottles. I asked and they didn’t mind me taking pictures.

Me, pouring and refilling the bottle a hundred times 😀 and it was COLD! just the way I hate it.. makes my teeth ache.

This is the Evian water museum.

Samples of the bottles old and new and their entire collection of Evian products.

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Remember my post about which car should I rent for my driver? Most of you said to go with the Nissan Altima, so after reading your comments i went ahead to A’ayan and rented it for 2 years with an offer of KD99 initial deposit (it was KD250 before) and a monthly payment of KD125. Today me and INM went to Al-Babtain and picked up it. I can say from the first ride it was so smooth! thanks guys for helping me decide.

When we were there we noticed also a Nissan GT-R in red color they are selling it for around KD30,000.

Thank you dear readers for helping me out this time. 🙂





We pay for the DSL service the whole year nonstop just to be able to enjoy the month or so we spend here without the need of interacting with their ISP (France Telecom). But they NEVER fail to let us down and they always meet our expectations of bad service and incompetency. As I said before in another post, the internet has been cut off, as of yet, for unknown reasons, and its been like this for 5 days now. No internet for 5 days, save for the random cafes and mcdonald’s here and there. Wifi begging is so not what I want to be doing while I’m on vacation. Allah yakhith il french o their service o takhalofhom!!!!

Note to Labeeba: your house is disconnected too. 😀

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