After moving our blog to WordPress.org now me and Yousef have the full advantage of our blog, so now we’re thinking of redesigning our blog in a professional way (we don’t like these downloadable themes) we want our blog to reflect our personality, So does anyone know a good company/person that do these graphical designs? and one more thing guys we want from you to gives us some ideas?!




I found the wheeled foot rest very cool since all of the conventional one are fixed but this one got wheels it looks like a skateboard its makes you relax even its fun! takhayelaaw enkom etga7soon bel maktaab 😛

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We went to Gruyère the other day. We go there mainly to indulge in cheese. They’re the number one source of the best cheese in switzerland and maybe all of europe. We go there prepared, we don’t eat anything heavy before heading to Gruyère. We order their raclette; a block of cheese they put under a some tiny cheese heater/griller (shown in the pictures), and their fondue which also is made of melted cheese. And for the dessert, we either order their hot chocolat viennois or their denmark icecream (I once ordered both and felt sick afterwards). Everything there is to die for. I’m gonna leave you now with the pics, 19 pics to be specific 😯

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Yesterday i was shocked, i found out that Ahmad was an Apple user once, long time ago. he was using an OS called Apple II, According to Ahmad, Apple’s first OS was Apple I then they updated it to Apple II (which he used back then) Bs 7asafa he went back to the dark side again.. to windows 🙁 yalla ma3alaih marada be3aref 6ereej el saa7 inshalla 😛

I found out some magazines about the Apple II OS which Ahmad read. they were issued on 1987 which is almost 21 years ago! 🙂

My thanks this times goes to Labeeba.


I used my wide angle lens again, I took this picture of the church (completed in 1272) while holding the camera well below my knees just to be able to capture the whole church, and I still managed to miss the top cross. oh well.

Now, photography gurus, I have a question for you, I can’t get the fuzziness out of the trees, and any moving object for that matter. I tried to sharpen the image, did the smart sharpen thingy but it didn’t help. Any advice? and yeah I’m asking coz I’m using HDR without a tripod. 😀




Just got an email from one of our readers telling that Villa Moda will starts its annual sale on Saturday 14-June with 50% discounts.

I’m just wondering how crowded it will be there 🙂

Anyway thanks to ShoOoSh



This dishwasher-safe, porcelain cup (with silicone top) looks just like the paper cups you get at coffee bars.

I liked it sara7a, want to order it? click HERE it gonna cost you around KD7.


A restaurant where you don’t have to deal with waiters? Hmmm.. so, when do you think we’ll see one like this in Kuwait? 😛

Thanks Taymoor for the video.


The area where we’re staying are having some problems with the internet service and I’ve been cut off since yesterday. I can’t live without going online whenever I want to! I’m in Mcdonald’s now writing this post (Allah yadinya) I have only 30 minutes (7azarat ilfaranseyeen). I went to 2 nice places and took many pictures, I’ll post them whenever we get our internet back. for the time being I uploaded the picture above just coz it was my first decent pic of a bird. It’s flying over Lac Léman, in Evian to be specific.


My friend just sent me some pics of the new Nissan Skyline GT-R. It’s in Kuwait now, i thought it was just a concept car.

if you don’t know whats the Skyline, here are it’s specs:

Name: Nissan Skyline GT-R
body Stylist: Shiro Nakamura
Price: $69,850 USD
Engine: VR38DETT6 Alloy 60 Degree V6
Position: Front, Longitudinal
Aspiration: IHI Twin Turbochargers in Manifold System
Power: 352.7 kw / 473 bhp @ 6400 rpm
Front Tires: P255/40R-20 Dunlop SP Sport
Rear Tires: P255/40R-20 Dunlop SP Spor
Transmission: 6-Speed Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission
Top speed: 193 kph / 310.6 mph
0 – 60 mph    3.5 seconds
0 – 1/4 mile    11.7 seconds

Thanks Ali.


I was just reading Mark’s blog and turns out he’s also writing about it.




Click on the image for a bigger & fuzzier version.




Today we were discussing this issue in my father’s in law house, yes how come our airport got a duty free shops and our country doesn’t apply taxes?! i went to Wikipedia and double checked “Duty free” definition and came out with this:

Duty Free shops: Duty-free shops (or stores) are retail outlets that do not apply local or national taxes and duties.

Can anyone clarify this to me?!



Can You? 😛


I wanted to use the Sigma lens yesterday and the sun was already fading away. Some pictures were much darker and I had to photoshop the hell out of them. I didn’t really like the end results, they were much better when I saw them in my camera’s screen than my laptop’s.





Just wondering till when its gonna be a dusty weather? A week more? a month?


Few days ago we were in our Co-op, and since my wife is a labna fan she always searches for a new type/kind of labna, so this time she found this thing, which we thought was unique in design and it attracted us coz as I was just saying to my wife that this is a smart design that put and end to the need of spoons. fakka!

So today i was preparing my sandwich before i get to my work, with the first bite of it i felt like “damn its so rich/heavy! let me try another bite.” I went ahead bs 7asait la’a fee shay ghala6!? so i took the thing and read it… its a mayonaise with a labna flavor! 7araaam 3alaikom! Labna 3ad !? It shocked me.




This year’s ended up with some cool gadgets. here are the main things:

Next OSX name will be Snow Leopard (will be released in a year or so).

iPhone 3G, they added GPS and 3G capability. KD53 for 8GB and KD80 for 16GB version.

It will be available (Officially) in Qatar, Egypt and Jordan. Kuwait will be getting it before them but in an UNOFFICIAL way 🙂





We went to Chamonix yesterday. There was lots of clouds everywhere so I couldn’t really take pictures of the mountains out there, Mont Blanc was there but we couldn’t see it. Mont Blanc’s peak (4,807 m) is the highest peak in all of western europe. I’ll leave you with the pictures now. 🙂

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Today at 8:00PM Apple will announce some thing new (i think it gonna be the new version of the iPhone) so stay tuned and i will update you with the new gadgets.

For non-Kuwaities reader here are the time at different zones 🙂

07:00AM – Hawaii
10:00AM – Pacific
11:00AM – Mountain
12:00PM – Central
01:00PM – Eastern
05:00PM – GMT
06:00PM – London
07:00PM – Paris
02:00AM – Tokyo (June 10th)