Today me, my wife with 9K2HN and his wife were having lunch at Paul we noticed some CHEAP decorative plastic flowers which were hanging all over the place, bs aby a3aref ako a7ad thoqa chethy in 2008?

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This entry was posted on Saturday, June 28th, 2008 at 4:35 pm

9 Responses to “Plastic Flowers in Marina Mall”

  1. The Archer says:

    It hurts, doesn’t it? Magool illa malat.. :-p

    Bel3afyaa mo2a5aran 😉

  2. Yousef says:

    shakla ‘3ala6.

    inzain how was paul? Paul, to me, is like the best decorated cafe/restaurant in every mall, but I ate there once and I really hated the food. how was yours today? and what did you eat?

  3. Ansam says:

    LOL I know! Reminded me of the decorative flowers in the taxi’s!

  4. Mishary says:

    Yousef walla we’ve ordered ceaser salad, Pizza and for the main course pesto pasta o 6a3ma kan avg. ma7es feeh shay momayaaz.

    The Archer e3afeeek thanx 🙂

  5. Rawan says:

    MAAAAAAAKI is the BeST =P~~ awal ma aroo7 el Q8 lazim aroo7lah lw marra w7da MMMMMMMMMMMMM esht’heeet 3esa maki w edimami www avogado salad without avogado =P,, madre esh da5al maki bel mw’6oo3 bs eshtaheet aktib =D

  6. armagadon says:

    I can say that’S an EQYPTION taste 🙂

  7. i feel your pain. my nanny hated it.

  8. khaled says:

    thank you Mishary!
    for a long time I thought I was the only one disturbed by the ugly flowers
    the problem is , I don’t know why they have them ?? Was there a special ocasion :p

  9. Really I like ur Blog ya Mishary
    Wayed 3jbnii 😉
    eee 3ala Flowers Marina 9ij ena Plastic
    laken shof hathi ehda2 Lik ;D~!


    eLi 9oob aLnaforw 9ij 7ilow china 9ijiiii !

    ya36eek al3afya 3ala ha aLblog aL3ajeb
    Add to my Fav 😉