Anyone noticed whats wrong? 😛

Thanks INM


This entry was posted on Tuesday, June 24th, 2008 at 12:58 am

12 Responses to “Something Wrong With The Picture?”

  1. master says:


  2. Bash says:

    ee, eDaray ;p

  3. Mathai says:

    LOL ! hes a genius !

  4. Pink Girl says:

    aldaray out side the house 😛

  5. iRise says:

    I’m sure this happened in Kuwait…
    Our contractors are not the wisest. 🙂

  6. Ali says:

    shlon eb te93ad bedon may6g rask 😛

  7. 7zaya says:

    ee! makoo darabzeen! la7tha 5al yshoof yimkin fee shay thani less obvious

    didn’t notice anything else particular

  8. pumkinah says:

    oh my god !!! y3nee esh hl ghabaaa2222222222 !! bada3aw ! enzain wain el owner ? wain el moqawel ? wain ele 3nda mukh!

  9. The Archer says:

    Oh my God.. LOL!

    To quote Pumkinah:
    “bada3aw ! enzain wain el owner ? wain el moqawel ? wain ele 3nda mukh!”

  10. um-mit3ib says:

    haw ily yis3aad wohwa mista3yel alah yaho ib yinfithikh rasaaaaaaa

  11. Chubby-Doll says:

    Hehehehe Esh’hal-‘3abaa’a

  12. INM says:

    anyone do needs the contractors , i`ve got his number for any building work 😉