Firefox are planning to set a Guinness World Record by orchestrating a download day for their much anticipated (not by me) Firefox 3. You can go to their website and read more about it, and maybe participate in the pledge yourself and sign up for a reminder. I did. Not sure why, knowing that I don’t use firefox… I think I just wanted to be part of this thing! šŸ˜€

Up to now There are 244 Kuwaiti pledges.

Thanks Pure.


This entry was posted on Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 at 8:56 am

10 Responses to “The Firefox Pledge”

  1. BB says:

    U dont use firefox?!?!?!?!?
    then what are u using?

    I LOVE FireFox, it’s amazing

  2. I am not a firefox user too.. donno why, safari is fine with me i got used to it!

  3. Kha says:

    Kuwait got one more pledge from here!

    Firefox has been messing up in the past few weeks after years of being flawless. I hope that the new version will solve these problems.

  4. well i love using opera but firefox is also quite good. IE sucks.

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  5. Pure says:

    Your most welcome Yousef : )
    well i’m a loyal firefox user and i don’t really like safari : s and i totally agree with Kha !

  6. Naser M says:

    Firefox is by far the best browser available to the public, once u get used 2 it …. wouldn’t go back 2 ie

  7. Yousef says:

    I use Safari, I just think firefox always goes “Huh??” when I press the enter button first then loads the page, unlike Safari, which loads the pages much faster.

  8. DVLz says:

    The question is not how long have you been using Firefox but is how well you know it inside out?

    I was looking in the past why Firefox was slower, then I saw couple reasons why that is. The easiest solution for speeding Firefox loading time was to configure it manually. I bet your going to like the speed then šŸ™‚

    Although It is shocking that still IE is the most used browser and also many sites support IE but not Firefox. I remember NBK is one of them and also Qnet is messed up on Firefox. Another thing that most people don’t know is that Firefox was once part of Netscape.

  9. everyoneelse says:

    Everyone Else thinks that Internet Explorer needs to simply go away, but Mozilla needs to finish their threatened Outlook replacement. Until they do that, they will always lose out to Microsoft.

  10. admin says: