I’m in the plane coming back home. Everything is going back to normal.. no more posting from my Blackberry.

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^Click on the picture for a bigger version.

Aix Les Bains is a beautiful and quiet place in france and it overlook one of the most picturistic lakes I’ve seen. The first time I ever been there was when Mom insisted we go see the place where the pasha (of an old egyptian movie) supposedly spent his summers. The pasha had a really good taste, I liked the place a lot.
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Yesterday I was buying some stuff for my wife in Muscat’s SEPHORA and the sellers told me that it will open soon in Kuwait and he specified in avenues without me telling him the mall’s name! Lay hal daraja mash’hoor el Avenues? πŸ™‚

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I was hungry all day and couldn’t wait to dig in. It was perfection.

The post wouldn’t be complete without the Muchboos Anthem:

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By Alia Al Theeb, Staff Reporter
Published: July 29, 2008, 17:15

Dubai: Lebanese singer Suzan Tamim has been found murdered in an apartment in Dubai Marina late on Monday, police sources said.

Some Arabic websites said the singer was found stabbed and disfigured.

The singer was living in Dubai for the past eight months, according to the websites.

Suzan Tamim shot to fame in 1996 after she participated in the popular β€˜Studio Al Fan’ television show and won the top award.

Tamim has released two albums in her career and has married twice.



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The oldest domains on the internet:

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Rank Registered Date Domain Name
1 15-March-1985 SYMBOLICS.COM
2 24-April-1985 BBN.COM
3 24-May-1985 THINK.COM
4 11-July-1985 MCC.COM
5 30-September-1985 DEC.COM
6 07-November-1985 NORTHROP.COM
7 09-January-1986 XEROX.COM
8 17-January-1986 SRI.COM
9 03-March-1986 HP.COM
10 05-March-1986 BELLCORE.COM
11 19-March-1986 IBM.COM
11 19-March-1986 SUN.COM
13 25-March-1986 INTEL.COM
13 25-March-1986 TI.COM
15 25-April-1986 ATT.COM


I know I’m still in Muscat but that doesn’t prevent me from posting about whats happening in Kuwait : ), Back to subject, Yes Al-Ostoura has just now opened in the Avenues phase II.

Thanks INM.

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When we were on the train on our way to Salzburg, we talked about the things we still remember from our last visit 20 years ago. I said that I still remember The Sound Of Music home, the old walking street with the cafes and shops, our hotel (which assumed I would be ok sleeping in a baby’s crib! I was 6 and did not find them funny at ALL) and I remember that we bought 2 toys from that old street, we bought a little orange warm attached to a transparent nylon thread and a puppet with strings, it was an ostrich with beads-like legs. The warm did not last long, but that little ostrich puppet lasted well into the early 90’s.

When we first entered the old town, memories started flowing back. less than 20 meters into this narrow walking street, we saw something VERY familiar. We saw that little ostrich puppet with its green hat and red feathers! it looked exactly like the one we bought 2 decades ago! Mom said that I SHOULD buy it. So I went up to the lady carrying the basket full of puppets and started talking to her. It was raining and I was trying to open my wallet and holding the umbrella at the same time, so she offered to carry the umbrella for me, she was so nice and speaks english fluently, so I thought I’d tell her about our old puppet..

Me: You know, 20 years ago I came to salzburg with my family and they bought me a puppet that looks exactly like the ones you’re selling me now.
Puppet Lady: 20 years? Well, I’ve been selling these puppets for 23 years.
Me: *stared at her* oh.. really?
Puppet Lady: Yes, 23 years. No one sells them except me. *smiles*
Me: You mean……?
Puppet Lady: It’s probably me who sold your parents that first puppet.
Me: *Shocked*
Puppet Lady: *laughs* Yes it was me.


^This is the old town in Salzburg, a walking street with lots of shops and souvenirs shops can be found there, and all are in old buildings dating back to the 13 centuries. You can see above the mountain and overlooking the town there is an old castle, this castle was built over 600 years of constant work and remodeling. The tour guide said that every king (archbishop?) used to change things and remodel it and no one lived up to see it completed.

^20 years ago we sat at this restaurant/cafe. I remembered once I saw the path leading up to it!




I just discovered Oobleck! Its called Oobleck! When I first read the name I got curious and read some more then went on youtube and found many videos about Ooblecks! lol I don’t know whether this is old news or not. πŸ˜›

This substance is solid AND liquid! it gets solid when you apply pressure, and when you don’t, it turns back to liquid! its freaky at first but then it gets so much FUN!

I tried it just 10 minutes ago. ALL you need is 1.5 cups of corn starch (nisha ilthora) and 1 cup of water.. I added some more starch afterward to have a thicker texture. This thing gets VERY sold when you grab it and squeeze it, but when you loose your grip, it melts right out of your hands and fingers. You can add color, any color, just for more fun.

You should all try this NOW!

Again, You need:

1 1/2 cup of corn starch.
1 cup of water
color, any color (mo lazim)

This video may help as well:






We’re heading to Nizwa now and yes its confirmed by our driver that Nizwa is derat el se7er! (the city of black magic).
And he told us to eat before we went there due to el se7er or something else… Anyway thanks to Labeba for telling me about it before I go πŸ™‚

P.S: its raining now πŸ™‚

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They did it first.. and 20 years later, we copied them. What a shame. I really liked our Liberation tower, I thought it was original. Couldn’t they think of something else?!

Anyway. I’m back from my little away time in Salzburg. I had a great time (the pictures are coming up). I really wanted to post while I’m there but the hotel’s wifi went down as soon as I logged in. No internet in the rooms, just in the lobby. They told me they’re gonna fix it soon but nothing happened till I checked out. I bet it’s back up and working right now. garada.




I’m in the second plane right now waiting to take off to Muscat. I was thinking that Qatar airport was a little bit bigger, but still its better than ours.

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Today at 4:00PM i will be leaving Kuwait inshalla heading to Muscat for a work related trip, actually the day before yesterday i was told to pack and travel to Muscat, i will be staying 1 night in Muscat then i will go to a small town called Nizwa, This is my first time to visit Oman so I’m wondering what it will look like? what shocked me that there is no direct rout from Kuwait to Muscat! walah fashlah! I even checked with my miles booking to see if I can get a flight but no! Any way Dubai will always be there and my transit will be through Dubai and i will stay in Oman around a week inshallah and i hope to be able to post from there.


Since my Macbook Pro is going crazy these days im thinking of gettin a new MB but i want it to be smaller than mine (mine is the 15.4″) so the only option is gettin the Air, but my question, Is it the correct time to buy the Air now? or wait? is there any annoucement soon? Does it worth KD470? i know its SEXY but you know is it a heavy duty machine? i want it to be my main laptop.


Today i came cross this and find it very useful (regardless ena elawe3 el chabd) but i think its still good idea since winter is coming and i think this will be a good deal for camping. Would this count as a composting toilet? Well, not quite but it gets close!

No need for a real setup for it just a couple of steps and voila! It going to cost you around KD 9 if you still interested you can order it from HERE.


It was a long LONG trip by train. It took us 8 hr and 45 minutes, 1 train change in Zurich and God only knows how many stops till we got to our destination. At first I did not feel like doing anything, I wanted to sleep, but the coffee I drank for breakfast did not help at first so i turned to the ipod. after the train change in Zurich, the train was much comfier so I did finally manage to sleep. I slept on and off for almost 3 hours. 3 hours in any other trip would’ve been really impressive, but not in this never ending trip. We ate lunch in the in-train restaurant, it wasn’t the best meal ever, but it managed to waste some time without us noticing, which is good.

We finally arrived, checked in, left our bags and headed out again. It was raining by that time. We went to the old town, which is breath taking to say the least. The place is very beautiful. I’ve been here once 20 years ago πŸ˜› and I was shocked that I remembered a restaurant in the old town (I was 6 years old then) and when I tried to remind Mom, she remembered!
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i love what Zain is doing in the past 2 years which is targeting the whole world, they want to expand as fast as they can! which is obviously amazing! this is their new ad which is pretty good too, Sara7a i loved their previous ads.

More over if any one want to put this as a ring tune for his/her mobile i just uploaded it so you can download it directly through our site.

Click to download

Thanks Ahmad.




I’ll be taking a train at 7 am tomorrow to Salzburg, I’ll stay for a couple of days. I should be sleeping now coz I haven’t slept enough yesterday and I’m so tired I can barely see the keyboard. We have an 8 hours train ride ahead of us. I’m gonna try hard to sleep through it all, if that didn’t work out, I brought 2 books and an ipod just in case.

Anyway, Have you been to Salzburg? any good places to see? recommendations please?

I’ll post an update once I get there. πŸ™‚