I saw this Automated Pizza Machine (APM?) the other day and thought its really a good and practical idea. You can select the kind of pizza you want then insert the money and in 4 minutes you’ll receive your order. The machine was attached to a Pizzeria restaurant and although the restaurant was closed at the time I passed by, it did not stop serving customers.

How come this machine is not in every corner in Kuwait yet?


This entry was posted on Wednesday, July 16th, 2008 at 3:08 pm

8 Responses to “APM?”

  1. Ansam says:

    Just give it time and you will see it in Kuwait lol

  2. 7zaya says:

    I dont know, maybe cuz the idea of getting a pizza that’s been sitting there frozen inside some vending machine for God knows how long is a little gross, non?

  3. Yousef says:

    Ansam hehe yeah I think you’re right 🙂

    7zaya people have been food poisoned by hardeez numerous times and they continue eating and calling for delivery.. I don’t think they’d mind a frozen-pizza vending machine 😛

  4. almama says:

    i dont think the machine will show in kuwait because we are used to deal with staff and labors . for example look at the parkings in kuwait , every country in the world have machines but in kuwait we have employees in the parking. i don’t like how we always depend on others .

  5. The Talker says:

    لووول اول ما شفتها عبالي تطلع لك البيتزا 😛
    بس فكره صج وايد حلوه

  6. z'3an6oo6ah says:

    ur Q:
    How come this machine is not in every corner in Kuwait yet?

    my Q:
    How come this machine is not in my room!?

  7. pumkinah says:

    hehe nice idea ! bs u know i will never trust that machine balah dash feha far 😛 wela m3a el 7ar ekhtarbat el pizza .. but looks nice

  8. bint aldeira says:

    regarding to almama post, actually you have the choice to either pay at the machine or the staff member at the exit.(ex,alraya,almothana, and the avenues soon if u have checked their machine)