When I first discovered foret noir, or black forest, the cake (duh), I was not so fond of it. What is there to like anyway? it is supposed to be some kind of a chocolate cake that doesn’t taste quite like chocolate, it has this sour syrup that everybody on this earth hates with a vengeance, and its covered with this thin layer of cheap whipping cream (the ones I tried are cheap) then covered again with something that is supposed to look and taste like chocolate flakes. It is hatable. Almuhaissin, I think, is one of the main reasons why I’ve always hated the black forest, the other reason being the egyptian movies and the way they pronounce it’s name; belack foorest.

Anyway. I discovered this AMAZING cafe (actually, I didn’t discover anything. Mom took me to this cafe 2 years ago and made me try their foret noir) their foret noir is nothing like almuhaissin’s! its nothing like any other black forest i have ever tasted. First of all they got it right and won major points for cutting that sour syrup out of the recipe, then they scored even more points for including a chocolate paste (is it called paste? its a layer of melted chocolate) that works perfectly with the cake, very subtly sweet, it adds this whole other dimension to the otherwise boring cake and it kind of redefines the cake. Then there is the award winning whipped cream layer which takes it to a new level.

In conclusion, I think a cake, any kind of cake, is supposed to leave a desired after taste, makes you want to come back and have another piece, and this is exactly why I like this cake.

The place is tiny. there are 6 tables max. outside there are plenty of tables in though. The service depends on the mood of the waitresses, sometimes they’ll speak “LiTTOL” english and other times they’ll just stare at you. The coffee is good and the foret noir isn’t always available, it sells like hot cakes. ;P

The café is in France, Annemasse, approx. 10-15 mins from Geneve’s borders.
Phone # +33450925322


This entry was posted on Tuesday, July 8th, 2008 at 6:17 am

9 Responses to “Foret Noir At BAUD”

  1. Mishary says:

    i used to eat it when i was there 🙁 🙁 wayeeeeeeeeed wayeeeeeeeeeeeeed 7ilwa !!! Yousef sheb3aw menhaa tara sij a7la black forest bel denya !!! o BTW men el 6alabat 3araft men raye7 ma3aak 🙂 RED = elmama 😉

  2. ShoOoSh says:

    7araaam 3alaaaaik !!!
    ShoOoSh killlsh mo yo3ana :/

  3. Loca in Kuwait says:

    I lived in Germany for 5 yrs, they have the most amazing desserts known to man. The cake you described from Baud is how they make it in Germany, its light, not to sweet and scrumptious! Glad you got to experience what a truly divine dessert should be like.

  4. pumkinah says:

    ana twne khalsa ghada oo kaleet waaaaaayd am full ! bs fi majal etdesh hl cake`a 😛 way etshaweeeeeeeeeeeg mashalah !

  5. pumkinah says:

    7ta el coffe shakla niceeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. almama says:

    i like this cafe very much , they bring coffee and hot milk and we mix it as we want , they are specialist in cakes and tarts with fresh fruit , also the waiters are very nice to us after being there many times .

  7. loco says:

    3ad etgoool ayeeb kaka 7ag 9adee’3y el 9adoo’3 ethooq ;P

  8. Intlxpatr says:

    I’ve had it in Germany, in the “best” places, and I never liked it! Yours doesn’t look German, it looks more French. Maybe it would be good (she says doubtfully)

    but those little strawberry tortes look fabulous!

    I love dark chocolate. give it to me straight up – dark chocolate cake, dripping with chocolate ganache filling (like intense chocolate mousse) and a thick dark chocolate icing. Or just inject it into my veins!

  9. Yousef says:

    intlxpatr “Or just inject it into my veins!” ROFLMAO!