MBC+ is a newly launched channel by MBC in collaboration with Showtime and its going to be included in Showtime’s list of pay TV channels. I searched showtimearabia for more information but couldn’t find anything aside from this:

“MBC+ is a brand new pay-per-view channel exclusive to SHOWTIME customers, dedicated to top rated shows; it launches on July 1st with the popular Turkish drama series, dubbed in Arabic, Noor.”

Does this mark a new beginning for MBC where it’ll have its own bouquet of Pay TV channels? I don’t know, and neither do you. šŸ˜›


This entry was posted on Sunday, July 13th, 2008 at 1:38 am

7 Responses to “Is MBC Testing The Waters?”

  1. Moey says:

    they are also spreading rumor that the show won’t be censored on mbc+

  2. Mr. Anonymous says:

    On MBC b-lus : May its tribe increase!

    Bye the bye how, do you find the newly launched ” Zee Aflam ” pay channel ??

  3. kwt23 says:

    MBC are taking a smart move…

  4. The Blog Whisperer says:

    Is MBC plus inspired by Watan TV plus?
    Wish there was a dedicated channel for dubbed Spanish telenovellas!

  5. almama says:

    i heard this new mbc channel will be in persian language …….. am i right ?

  6. Q80 BOY says:

    Moey ur right, MBC + is NOT censored.

  7. anam says:

    i want to see pictures from the show noor. especially the guy in it. where can i look?