Kuwait has finally made it into the iTunes store list! This is great news!

Thanks a lot Kha


This entry was posted on Friday, July 11th, 2008 at 2:30 pm

19 Responses to “iTunes Store Now Includes Kuwait!”

  1. Razz says:

    is that mean that we will get iPhone in kuwait ?

  2. Samia-chan says:

    that’s good news :),but i tried registering my internet shopping visa from NBK but its not valid method they keep telling me :S
    I wonder if there something can be done about it :S

  3. Yousef says:

    Razz I’m not sure.

    Samia-chan I haven’t tried it yet. maybe it accept credit cards only?

  4. Technogal says:

    Hope they make it with other products like the Iphone 3G. I noticed that Qater and Jordon operators are included in the countries list who will be having the Iphone soon. But I wonder why didn’t Zen or at least Wataneya made a good deal with apple for the Iphone 3G? I bet if someone find a good answer!

  5. fkj says:

    I think soon enough we will get iPhone 2.0 here in Kuwait because of the demand we have here.. just keep your fingers crossed

  6. The Archer says:

    Woohoo! This is a giant leap if you ask me..

    Zain is currently in talks with Apple about being the authorized reseller here in Kuwait 🙂 But.. the new iPhone probably won’t be available in Kuwait before the UAE.

    Qatar and Egypt are getting the new iPhone 3G in a few weeks/months.

    God, I’m too excited :p~

  7. Me7tarNa7ees says:

    Actually, the “Kuwaiti” segment of the iTunes store is for iPhone / iPod Touch applications. So, no music or video downloads for now.

  8. The Archer says:

    Hmmm… Kuwait only has access to the App Store 🙁 and not the iTunes music store…

    Bummer.. I was really excited about this..

  9. Kha says:

    Yeah, it is only the App store. I think with the way the music/movie companies are doing their businesses, having their media being sold in a middle eastern country is pretty far away from their minds. Let’s not forget the hell they would probably have to go through to get the approval of the local authorities to distribute the media. Uncut movies? CD covers with thighs showing in them?! blasphemy!

    The store should have been just for iPod touch, but hey, I’m not complaining about including the iPhone there in the list since there surely is a lot of jailbroken iPhone users (mine included) in this country!

  10. loco says:

    plz plz 3an el boog !!!

  11. Yousef says:

    I thought the Kuwaiti iTunes store would allow us buying music and movies and stuff.. ugh. maybe its coming? all the good stuff will come soon.. hopefully 😐

    loco Kha dazly il khabar. lo makhtha minik chan garait ismik ibnehayat ilpost bidal isim Kha. 🙄

  12. Yousef says:

    The Archer Zain are in talks with apple? is this news official (released by Zain) or inside information?

  13. INM says:

    its a really good step for Zain if Apple proved to deal with zain

  14. The Archer says:

    Inside information..

    Watniya are too.. but the thing is.. Zain already has some sort of an agreement/merger with Vodafone.. and it seems that Vodafone is one of the only SP’s that are able to provide iPhone services here in the middle east.

    But we’re talking about getting the iPhone 3G in early 2009 and not anytime soon.. seeing that other countries [Vodafone, Mobinile] have already signed on to be the official iPhone 3G distributors in [Egypt, Qatar, Jordan] and will be releasing them later this year.

    The only reason Apple has made the iTunes App Store available for Kuwait is to provide iPod Touch updates, which you have to pay for.

  15. what the heck? and i had to do a jo7a and get it through my mother’s not-in-use Bank of America card and the bills sent to a nonexistant adress after erasing my entire ipod? Now i cant change. 7athi zift! (sorry for the language)

  16. mohammed says:

    Guys i dont get it,dose that mean we can notpurchase any video or song from itunes? i was wondering whether anyone here knose when are we going to get software 2.0 jailbreak here ?

  17. Jadee says:

    It sucks that iTunes don’t have all the stuff that they have in the US store, but i guess it doesn’t matter that much, you can still have a US iTunes account. I opened with a gift certificate from globalitunes.com. They have a setup guide there aswell.
    Pretty cool.

  18. buwaleed says:

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  19. Laura says:

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