Mont Salève (1380m) is in france right next to the swiss borders. Its one of the nearest mountains to geneva and once you’re up there, you’ll have a panoramic view of geneva and all the cities next to it. I think I can see all the way to lausanne (I think Montreux is blocked by the Mountains near Evian).

You can go up there either by using the Telepherique (Cable car) or by car. I prefer using the car, gives a sense of adventure (I’m afraid of heights). We went there last week, by car ofcourse, my brother was in the driver’s seats, driving the manual car (which makes our heads go back and fourth with every gear shift!). The trip took less than 15 minutes. There is a little cafe on top (many cafes) which overlooks the whole thing and just a few meters away from the cafe there is this flying-edge where (crazy people, as mom would refer to them, elmeyaneen) jump off and fly with their parachutes.

This is the stadium where some of the UEFA games were held.

The giant football hovering over geneva’s skies.

This is how they know if its time to jump off the edge.

This is their mini runway. you can see (far left) there waiting for the perfect moment.

And off he goes.

Near the parking we spotted this little chicken cage.

And on our way back there were lots of cows.


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6 Responses to “On Top Of Mont Salève”

  1. Ali says:

    3ejbatny 9orat el deyaya ( 2nd one ) 😛

  2. ROUDAN says:

    Yousef Yousef, shoof ibgara!
    😉 remeber!

  3. Rawan says:

    LOOOOL akthar shay y’67kny when u say Goat Town LOOOL =P,, how is the weather?, njeeb shtwe wella 9yfy? every year ntwhag, njeeb 3ks el jw =\

  4. um-mit3ib says:

    i did that jump 2 summers ago;p

    r u jealous? plz be jealous ;p

  5. Yousef says:

    Ali kan zar 3agelha 😛

    ROUDAN laaaaaaaaaa! mo chithee! lol 😛 shof shof roudan bgara roudan bgara! 😛

    Rawan 9aify 9aify! but lazim tyeboon ma3akom shay yenlebes fog il9aify itha 9ar shwayyat bard. bs 90% 9aify. 🙂

    um-mit3ib 😯 SO JEALOUS!

  6. Rawan says:

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD =)),, bdeet aswe my bag w i realized that a’3lb mlabsy 9yfeya NYaHAHaa =P~~