I happened to be in Geneve today and happened to remember that I wanted to take a look at the new iPhone which incidently was released today and I, most probably, would’ve taken it to the cashier and paid for it immediately, no matter how pricey the Les offres d’abonnement (subscription plans) were.

I entered the shop and went to the machine to take a number to wait inline, there weren’t much people in there and that was no surprise, coz the french and technology do not mix, its like mixing chocolate with cheese or socks with slippers or boxers with dishdashas (the latter can be possible at times). The machine had a piece of paper on it, and in big letters I saw the word iPhone. I managed to understand half of it and I learned that I should not take a piece of paper and wait inline, instead I should go directly to the iPhone employee. I looked around and sure enough there was a lady with many iPhone brochures in her hand hanging near the iPhone stand talking to some guy. I went to her and asked her if she spoke english and she did “Just a Littol.” She asked if i’m interested in buying one and I said yes, she then handed me a piece of paper to write my name down along with my number and address. I wished I haven’t asked her why, I wish I haven’t already saw the iPhone and played with it and saw it’s back and asked for the white version. She told me “we will put you in a list and then we will call you when we have more iPhones.” Again I wish I haven’t asked about the the waiting list either.. “over 530 people in the waiting list. just for this shop. other shops may have less people in the waiting list” she said, “maybe you wait for 1 month to buy the iPhone,” she concluded. On my way out, as i passed by the number-giving machine, I realized that the paper i read earlier is there to let us know that the iPhone is SOLD OUT and that if we want to put our names in the waiting list we shouldn’t take a number, instead go directly and talk to the iPhone lady.. (fe6een fe6een!)

And thats how my wish of iny a7ir Mishary and Hamad went down the drain. Just like that.

Appleinsider has a thread going on about how it sold out all through switzerland, and maybe even throughout europe.

All I ended up getting was this piece of information: 519 SFR (134KD) for the 8GB and 619 SFR (159KD) for the 16GB. It’s a 2 years plan but you can always throw the simcard away and pay nothing more than the price I just provided. And one more thing, the 3G iPhone Feels/looks Good.


This entry was posted on Saturday, July 12th, 2008 at 2:14 am

5 Responses to “The 3G iPhone Feels/looks Good”

  1. Jacqui says:

    I agree I waited however in line for 4 hours at the Apple Store just to see one hehe unfortunately they lock them here to AT&T and so far there is no way around it :s

  2. Technogal says:

    Ohh that was really disappointing!! kherha eb’3eerha Yousef 🙂

  3. Mishary says:

    Allah mayerthaaaa !!! Neyeteek kanat ba6laaah!! Bs hatha mayemna3 ena bet7oshek zafaa meny !!

  4. 7zaya says:

    tabarak alra7man sh’hal fi6ana 😛

    Why don’t you order it from the states it might just be cheaper than in europe what with the dollar down and all?

    LOL@just a “littol”