I was reading about Israel trying its spy planes and Iran testing its missiles, both in an attempt to prove their capabilities and seriousness, and as usual, I started going from page to page hitting every interesting link in sight, and then an hour later I was reading about world war II. (I did not know that over 70 million people died at that war!).

After finishing reading about WW2, I saw the word holocaust (whenever I see or hear this word the first thing that comes to mind is the word “lie.” I don’t know why exactly. I think I’ve heard or read somewhere a discussion about whether the holocaust really did take place or not.. How could something this big be a source of confusion to anyone is beyond me.. But the conspiracy theorist in me loves to have an Insider information, I think thats why this info never left my mind) so I clicked on holocaust’s link. I did not know that not only jews were included in the genocide, but also “several million Soviet prisoners of war, along with slave laborers, gay men, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the disabled, and political opponents,” were killed. I ended up reading some quotes that kept me thinking. I’ll share them now and then ask my questions. The quotes are:

1- Hitler dubbed the holocaust as “Final Solution of the Jewish Question.”

2- “Prior to the beginning of World War II, during a speech given on January 30, 1939, Hitler foretold the coming Holocaust of European Jewry when he said:
“Today I will once more be a prophet: If the international Jewish financiers in and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations once more into a world war, then the result will not be the Bolshevization of the earth, and thus the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!””

3- “In his diary entry of December 13, 1941, the day after Hitler’s private speech, Joseph Goebbels wrote:
“Regarding the Jewish Question, the Führer is determined to clear the table. He warned the Jews that if they were to cause another world war, it would lead to their own destruction. Those were not empty words. Now the world war has come. The destruction of the Jews must be its necessary consequence. We cannot be sentimental about it. It is not for us to feel sympathy for the Jews. We should have sympathy rather with our own German people. If the German people have to sacrifice 160,000 victims in yet another campaign in the east, then those responsible for this bloody conflict will have to pay for it with their lives.””

Now regarding the 1st quote “Final” solution? what is the problem they’re trying to solve? Were there any other solutions? Why is it expressed in such anger and finality?

The second quote, Why is he threatening the jews? Did they start the 1st world war? are they famous within germany for staring up wars? or is it pure hatred toward them?

The 3rd quote, we now learn, according to this guy’s diary, that WW2 already took place and is still going, that the jews were indeed responsible for it and they must meet their fate; Hitler’s promise of extermination, right? I read about WW2 and did not read anywhere that the jews started the war or were a cause. Have I missed something?

All information and quotes were taken from wikipedia.


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  1. Kha says:

    Hmm, the wars in the east? Maybe he is talking about the Israeli occupation on Palestine?

  2. bint aldeira says:

    i think that GOD his mighty (la3an) bni israeil in the holy quran, and they deserve what hitler has done to them, but they r doing worse than ever and worse than what they suffered to muslims in lebanon and palestine.

  3. mohammed says:

    nice search .

  4. dishevelled says:

    From what I know, Hitler wanted to banish racism and discrimination, so he was going to kill everyone who wasn’t white and had “German” looks, he started with the Jews

  5. Angelo says:


    Not possible. The holocaust and World War II happened years before the Israeli occupation. As a matter of fact, the creation of Israel was a direct result of World War II.

    The final solution is referred to the Jewish state. You see, at that time, the Jews still didn’t have a homeland that represents their religion (in contrast with Christians and Muslims), so the Jews were scattered around the world and many of them immigrated to Europe. Consequentially, the Jews were successful in most fields especially in Science and Economy, and thus, received tremendous amount of jealousy and hatred from Hitler. Then, Hitler issued his autobiography Mein Kampf in (1925), where he had been open about his hatred of Jews, and gave ample warning of his intention to drive them from Germany’s political, intellectual, and cultural life. Later on, when he gained political power, Hitler confessed that since the Jews don’t have a representative homeland, then the Jews should be banished from the face of the Earth and thus end “The Jewish Problem” (i.e. finding a homeland for the Jews). Add to that, Hitler declared that the Germans are the supreme race and people and anybody not German and Christian deserve to be killed, hence the many non-Jewish genocide that followed.

    The rest of questions can be answered by exploring the Wikipedia page of the Holocaust.

    And here is a thing: the Holocaust isn’t a lie. It’s a documented fact. The only thing that received controversy is the figures of the Jewish victims (i.e. 6 millions), but to me, whether it was 6 millions or 6 hundreds, human genocide and hatred shouldn’t be justifiable and applicable.

    Studying in the US, I met countless of Jewish people, and most of them are kind and sincere and completely aware of the discrimination that face the Palestine from Israel and the US. Thankfully, my parents didn’t raise me on pure hatred; they always stated that “how can you hate someone you didn’t even met?”. However, if you think that Jews deserve to be hatred (even though you haven’t met one), then don’t feel offended when someone declares his hatred for Muslims. After all, that person is like you, he never met a Muslim yet he hates Muslims so much…

  6. Yousef says:

    Kha Actually the WW2 had nothing to do with palestine. the problem of Israel and palestine happened after the WW2.

    bint aldeira I want to know why did they “deserve” the holocaust? what did they to Hitler or germany to deserve such fate?

    dishevelled wow! banish racism by killing the other races!

    Angelo very informative. so hitler did try and find other solutions but when all failed he went with a final solution to kill all the jews? why just the jews (as in, weren’t there any other clever and rich groups to kill)? and why did he warn them not to start more wars? did they have any precedents? and if its not too much, why was he so successful and influential? sometimes people, most people, follow whoever is brave enough to voice their thoughts.. do you think that was the case?

    Did i give the impression that I’m hating on people I don’t know? *puzzled by the last paragraph*

  7. eshda3wa says:

    history is written by the winners
    i doubt ull find much information “justifying” anything hitler said or did.
    or even bothering to explain it.

  8. Kha says:

    Guys, I was just quickly thinking of a reason. I personally am very light on history (obviously) and that’s why I suggested the Palestine thing. Don’t jump on me please…

  9. Grey says:

    Isnt it hot in here?

    Hey did you know that Lemmy of ” Motorhead” is being sued for wearing Nazi insignia ?

    anyhoo… nevrmind.. no further comments

  10. dude888 says:

    i think they destroyed the german economy during weimar and brot america into war against germany (balfour declaration)

  11. skunk says:

    from what little i remember from high school:

    the jewish community in germany was discriminated against because they were seen as the cause of the problems for your average german. if you needed money, they were the ones lending it at interest, if you couldnt get a good job in a bank its cos you didnt have jewish wasta, etc, etc. sounds familiar to here doesnt it? 😛

    anyway, hitler being the opportunist that he was, he blamed the jews for the failure of the weimar republic. the weimar republic is what germany became after WW1. the economy was crap and inflation was crazy, you know, a bag full of money to buy one loaf of bread.

    so hitler blamed the jews, knowing that the german public had a general distrust of the jewish community. and it made sense to the working germans cos it did look like the jews owned all the businesses, which was far from the truth. but since many of them were traders, traders at that time were seen as parasites who dont produce anything but only make money off of price differences.

    then it got out of hand,… they started blaming the jews for eveything, instead of looking at the real cause of germany’s problems.

    so because the jews were responsible for all the bad stuff, hitler’s final solution was a final solution for the human race to the “problem” of the jews. as germany started losing ground into the later years of the war, this too was blamed on “jewish spys” instead of hitler overstreatching his army. so to solve the problem he came up with his final solution to make it seem that he was doing something. how much he believed in it himself i dont know, but it eventualy led to many other miniroties being slaughtered as well, gypsies, slavs etc.

    check out wikipedia some time i’m sure it has more details than i can remember

    hitler’s popularity was down to his charisma, and he said things that the average german wanted to hear,… ie,.. its not your fault, we are a great peoples, the jews are holding us back, etc..

    he is a fascinating man to study and it is incredibly important that we do so we can avoid repeating the same mistakes again. his use of the media, the jews as the enemy, etc, has a lot of important lessons for the arab world as well, not just in dealing with the israelis but also in dealing with each other between the sects.

  12. Hamad says:

    interesting.. btw I think that germany are still paying compensations to israel.. just check it out and if they’re still paying then it’ll end up your conspiracy theory.
    please update your post if you read any good info regarding this subject.

  13. Bader says:

    The Israeli-Palestenian conflict happenned after the WW2 and it only happenned because britian and the US gave assurances to the Jews in claiming the Gaza strip and gave them a promise that they will be supporting them in the long run (i.e. military equipment, and other resources). To get a better idea wiki “Six-Day War”. You shouldn’t blame the jews because every person has his own personality, as you would find the good and bad from Arabs too, but you should blame governments and policies that strip palestenians from their basic human rights.

  14. Anonymous Coward says:

    Every society blamed the Jews for their problems at one point or the other. Today, it is the Muslims who blame the Jews for all their troubles.

    Ironically, despite all the hatred directed at Jews, and despite the permanent “curse” placed on them by God in the Quran, they are one of the most successful groups of people on Earth, while Muslims are the least.

    Makes you wonder who is actually “cursed”.

  15. ANonymous coward 2 says:

    Hey Anonymous coward, you are the one speaking the truth out of the above I am not Jewish but Asian. But historically the Jews are the most persecuted on earth but according to the Bible the Jews were cursed by God only if they disobeyed him (Blessings and Curses as pointed out in the law of Moses) .

    However phenomonally as I work as a photographer, the Jews have amongst them the most successful photogrpaphers that ever lived I just have to mention Robert Frank(pioneer Documentary Photography), Richard Avedon( one amazing Portrait photographer), Joel Meyerowitz(colour photography) Eliot Erwitt Herb Ritts Annie Lebovitz.

    As a small group of people they are incredibly succesfull. Noble peace prize(most are Jews) Hollywood directors(Spielberg) Cleverest man last century Einstein a Jew

    In my dealing with the Jews they are the most respectful bright committed and intelligent people I have ever met, yes I have to say unlike muslims and its true they are the least succesful grouping.

    I am sorry but this is my experience and I speak with an open mind and in this current climate you Jews ought to watch out again with Russia going towards dictatorship and with that other nutter in Iran. Its looks like they are the ones who are the modern Hitlers.

  16. Drock says:

    Well saide Anony 2

  17. bk says:

    Okay, seriously guys? This is so not right. Jeez,
    Hitler was crazy. And insanely biased. He had no reason for anything he did rather than his own manufactured reasons in his own loopy head. There’s absolutely no reason in trying to justify it. He wanted a race all to his own, THAT’S IT. He craved power and was obsessed with expanding the Aryan race.
    People followed him merely because he offered stability in and unstable time (after the destruction of WWI), and told people what the wanted to hear. he was charismatic, and made great speeches. He offered answers to the German people, when there wasn’t any before. His answers however, was to blame it all on the Jews, which of course, they ate up, because it WAS an answer, compared to the nothingness they had before.

    And, one other thing, to ANONYMOUS COWARD #1 AND 2:
    Please do not look at jewish human beings as “Jews.” They’re individuals. Not one people. You can’t possibly say they’re all cursed. AND you can’t say they’re all succesful. Um, discrimination much? It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, what you’re saying, just by refering to them all as one being makes what you’re doing just not right.

  18. SMith says:

    Money makes the world go round. It’s not the jewish community as a whole who cause problems. It’s the certain few who control the money. These Person’s of great wealth and say-so, sometimes make bad decisions on what they think the world should be like. It Doesn’t work sometimes and in one case it pissed off a Evil man. A man who had the ability to rise a nation and Army to hurt the people of these men.

  19. frank seitz says:

    Money is slowly losing it’s value. People snivel because of what, he said/she said. People hoarding money. Greed, Control, Power. History is history, what happened happened..there’s nothing we can do about it. People just happen to die for their country in one way or another. One more thing… I hope they find intelligent life in space because we can sure use some down here

  20. me2d2 says:

    Hey, i see you are on to something. I also can tell that there are a lot of lies about germany and hitler. let me just state what i know
    socialism taxes the rich
    western capitalists hate socialism and drum the beats of war anytime socialism or communism, comes into the picture,
    When socialism starts, the rich are either killed or their wealth taken through taxes etc.
    In the west we call people who want to re-evaluate the holocaust history for accuracy are called holocaust deniers.
    This is very fishy…
    i am not even convinced that the capitalist didnt start ww2 trying to chase off socialism….

  21. toomanystupids says:

    Hitler used the Jews as the essential scapegoat to war. His right hand man, Goring, said: convince the masses that they are under threat, and they’ll endorse any war (paraphrase).

    War brings the warring society together like nothing else.

    Goring’s quote has been repeated by many others, before and since.

    Vietnam needed the “Domino Theory.”

    911 through the present: better get them there before they get us here.

    As we cling to our feeble notion of “freedom,” as we OK the slaughter of millions, are we as US citizens SERIOUSLY afraid that some country or group of religious nutcases is going to enslave us?

  22. kma says:

    Hitler was a retard who was most likely on crack for most of the war. Plus he committed suicide after he tested the toxins on his dog. What a pussy.

  23. eok says:

    Anonymous cowards 1 & 2, just to let you know, muslims may be the least successful people in todays world. But I certainly believe that the reason for this is because they don’t bother to become rich. A villa full of money is nothing to “most” muslims, I don’t think they waste their time working for this world as much as they do to gain heaven. Their God has asked them to work for their present, and their future. Meaning for this world, and for the never ending world after death. As long as they have just enough to survive they are fine with it. They don’t need a lot of money. But this is my point of view. 🙂

    Of course not all muslims are good. Well to be honest, if they are bad, then they aren’t muslims at all! The problem with discrimination is people don’t know eachother well enough to hate them. I agree with what angela said: “if you think that Jews deserve to be hatred (even though you haven’t met one), then don’t feel offended when someone declares his hatred for Muslims. After all, that person is like you, he never met a Muslim yet he hates Muslims so much.”

    But let’s not forget, just like how there are good and ” bad” muslims, there are good and bad people of all religions, nationalities etc. I am a muslim, and I am totally against what hitler did to the jewish people because there is no reason for this act. I certainly don’t have a problem with jewish people. In fact, a group of jewish people did visited the hospital in which the turks were being treated after the attack on the aid ship to Gaza. Doesn’t this show my point?

  24. michael says:

    are people who post here in middle school ? you sound like naive 13 year olds. is it possible that you offer up opinions without knowing anything about WW2? were you home schooled? have you never read anything other than a few wikipedia articles ? there are no particular insights, helpful points, even randomly correct facts. what a useless thread. you might consider actually reading something substantial before you start typing what you believe.