A couple of days ago my brother mentioned this Mcdonald’s fries lookalike, he said the fries looks exactly like McDonald’s and it tastes really good for a frozen home fried french fries. This weekend when we were in Chabd, we did a little barbeque and coincidently there was this McCain fries on the table, so I tried it. Now, I liked it, it tasted really good, nowhere near as good as McDonald’s, but it was reallly goood. I just did some googling before writing this post, and you know what? IT IS the fries McDonald’s use! the same manufacturer at least. McDonald’s use McCain’s Fries.

From McDonalds site:

MacFries from McCain were found to be one of the best. The award means that McCain fries, produced for McDonald’s to strict specifications, can now be used as a benchmark by other McDonald’s fry suppliers worldwide.

I was told it can be found in most Co-ops.


It was just announced on Alwatan Tv, and AlRai Tv that the first day of Ramadan will be, in Kuwait, on Monday, september 1st. On behalf of me and Mishary, Mbarak Alaikum AlShahar 🙂

Edit: Mishary beat me to it, but I refuse to delete this post 😛




Its official after tomorrow will be the first day of Ramadan inshalah

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 Today me and my wife were at villa moda for their sale, we were
expecting lots of people and the place to be packed. The place was not that crowded as
it normally would with any sale. We were expecting a huge queue (maybe because we
were their at 3:00 PM) anyway I recommend it to you guys go and take a look.

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This year’s Ramadan marks the 29th anniversary for Alroudan’s tournament, a yearly Ramadanian football tournament. And this time, according to a friend of mine, they will have many former football champions among the honor guests list. I’ll mention 4 of the most famous ones:

  • Bebeto.
  • Fernando Hierro.
  • Rui Costa.
  • Carlos Valderrama.

Plus other GCC national teams’ champions.

The tournament’s Official Site.


The other day Abdullah was in Bayan Co-Op and he found this, i wont say more about it, but do they think we are that dump?! me7na zaydeen las3aar bas ha ?! benqalel el kameya! (The price stays the same but the amount is less.)

Can anyone explain this?

I’ll keep you with the rest of the pics.

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Remember the Group Hug post I made some weeks ago? well, Pink Girl just made a post saying she found the salt & pepper shakers in Kuwait, in soug almahameed, and they’re selling them for 450 fils only. Allah ydeem ilrekh9 😛

Check out her post, HERE, for more info.


In the past 4 days my internet was SO SLOW! I cant even write a post. So as usual I called 107 and they kept me waiting for almost 20 min. Ok o ba3dain ?! what do you think the solution was? Take your sim card from the router, restart it and wait 10 mins. (( for those who dont know Zain’s its a normal procedure with ANY PROBLEM)) So, I waited 10 min with no sucsses. I called again and made a complaint. Until now the problem isn’t solved. And the guys there keep sayin ‘Zain Thanks Your Call!’ thanks for what?! Don’t thank me! solve my problem! Sij I’m annoyed at them!




I was recommended this Kuwaiti version of Youtube by a friend of mine last weekened. It isn’t an old site, it debuted according to them on march of this year. I’m loving it. It got full length movies and is somehow, to me, faster than youtube.. which is weird.

The people behind the site are doing a great job. Check it out, LINK.

Thanks Sulaiman.


My phone is starting to fall apart and this little piece (above) falling out is definitely a sign to move on and get a new one. I liked the phone coz it was simple, easy to use and needed nothing more than a charge every 2 days. But now I’m thinking of buying something with more features and you know more features always mean bulkier. I have little knowledge when it comes to mobile phones, and right now all I know is that I need a change and something different from the mobile types I’m used to.

The things I want in my new mobile phone:

1-Great build.
2-A screen big enough to view emails and sites.
3-A mobile made to be used for internet stuff.
4-A good camera would be nice.

Mobiles I’m considering:

-Blackberry Bold.
-Nokia E71.

The phone I’m most likely to buy is the blackberry, for 2 reasons:

1-The iPhone is too much hassle with the unlocking and version updating.
2-E71 is a Nokia phone. I’ve been off Nokia for years now. They’re inherently cheap.

I don’t know whether I’d enjoy using a mobile as bulky as the Blackberry (or any of the above listed mobiles), I just know that I want something different this time.


Even with the food there is Bado and 7athar ? 🙂

Thanks Om MiMi!


And why?




ORIGINAL ARTICLE: August 19, 2008 09:36 AM

What would it sound like if 15 of the hottest female singers joined voices? The answer will be revealed Sept. 2.

That’s when “Just Stand Up” hits airwaves and iTunes. The song features Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Fergie, Sheryl Crow, Miley Cyrus, Melissa Etheridge, Ashanti, Natasha Bedingfield, Keyshia Cole, Ciara, Leona Lewis, LeAnn Rimes and Carrie Underwood. All sales of the star-studded single will benefit cancer research.

The charity tune was conceived by Antonio “L.A.” Reid, who produced it with longtime creative colleague Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds.

Listen to the song “Just Stand Up”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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On the last day of our little weekend trip to Dubai we went to The Meat Company for lunch. The restaurant wasn’t a favorite of mine, I gave it a couple of tries in the last 2 years but it never clicked; the starters weren’t all that, the steaks were never tender enough, and there was always this unfair comparison in my head between it and Gaucho Grill, in which Gaucho always won.

We reserved a table the night before, the place wasn’t packed, far from it actually, but I’d always reserve a table if I were you, just in case.

We ordered the following for starters:

Chicken Caesar salad

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Since Ramadan is within a week inshalla, i was thinking that the time for the prayer and “eftar & emsak” is important for most of us, So this might help us .. i’ve uploaded links for most of the Arabian countries, just find your country and click on it to see your Ramadan schedule.


Saudi Arabia




Madena Almonawara



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The billboard says “Anticipate the surprise.”




Since we’re in the “Back To School” season, i think this site will help many of you guys. Its basically an online store that specialized in any stationaries and office requirements, from pencils all the way to school bags and everything else. It deliver too.



Captured this photo when i was in Dubai (Souk Madinat Jumeirah).


Just found out that The Nut Tree has opened recently in our Co-op (Its basically a ma7masa) and another branch in Baitak Tower (Kuwait City). For more information visit their web site LINK

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^ Click on it for a bigger version of the picture.