Carrie, A girl born to a freakishly religious mother, never felt normal or accepted by her mother nor her peers. She was the butt of every joke, she came to expect a foot to be shot out at any moment to trip her and then another foot to kick her while she’s down, and ofcourse the laughs, always the laughs that followed every sudden bad turn of events.

Carrie then discovered, gradually, through her own forgotten memories, that she’s telekinetic (has the ability to move objects by mental power). What would you do if you were her?

When I read the reviews and how the book is considered a modern day classic, I thought I’d really like it. I liked some parts, but it was cheesy, the whole topic is old and beaten to death. Maybe it would’ve felt fresh and groundbreaking had I read it when it first came out in 1974, But now, It just feels cliched.

I enjoyed reading the book in general, but did not enjoy the story itself. It’s my first Stephen King book. I thought it would be a little scary, but it wasn’t.


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6 Responses to “Carrie By Stephen King”

  1. Ahmad says:

    I tried a couple of his books but always felt depressed while reading them. I never completed any.

  2. pumkinah says:

    if i had this mental ability i would do sooooooooooooo many things with my mind ! 1st i would move jm3eyat marks and Spencer to my neighborhood πŸ˜› oo i will do my work from home just moving things around … oo etha a7ad ba6 chbdi i will throw him from the window in one look bs πŸ˜› lol its a long long list of things i wanna do! bs akhhhh ma 3ndi hal ability :/

  3. Fiend says:

    Try The Stand and The Shining by Stephen King… thats probably his best work that i’ve read. Carrie wasnt that great… I liked IT … up until the ending… one thing that sucks about stephen king books is the ending.. i think he just gets really into the story that he doesnt know how to stop and hence makes up some BS at the end…

  4. SOS! says:

    i haven’t read the book, but it has to be the scariest movie i’ve ever watched!!

  5. Angelo says:

    I always recommend The Shining and Salem’s Lot for those who really want to experience King’s “freewriting” style.That is, when King starts writing a book, he actually doesn’t know how it would end. It’s sophisticated but a little bloated and illogical for my taste sometimes. Although, his alternate style for characters’ development (i.e. character illumination, dynamics and revelation) is probably his strongest point where after each chapter, the reader is left with a killer cliffhanger . Of course, his best contribution is his Dark Tower series, although, you probably gonna spend months in going through all of his seven books as they are quite big. I haven’t read them though.

  6. P Dsouza says:

    You should try reading Harlan Coben’s books (thrillers)..bet you wont get enough of them!