posted By Yousef

My vacation is finally coming to an end. I’m leaving this beautiful place tomorrow back to Kuwait. I spent over two months here, and I still have it in me to stay for an extra year or two..

I took my suitcase and checked it in at the airport so i wouldn’t feel rushed and in a hurry on the day of flight. The bag was heavy and there was possibly a 2 or 3 kilos of excess weight. We did some precautions and brought an extra bag with us to lighten mine just incase it needed some lightening, thank God that didn’t happen, coz we were lucky to have dealt with a guy, not a girl, at the check-in counter. Girls at check in counters are crazy, no offense, but the ones I dealt with are.

Anyway. I hope the weather in Kuwait isn’t too cold coz I didn’t pack any warm clothes.


This entry was posted on Sunday, August 10th, 2008 at 2:36 am

11 Responses to “Checked-in & Ready to Leave”

  1. The Talker says:

    توصلون بالسلامه .. ومن صجك الجو عندنا بارد؟ خر وخيسه
    جيك على درجات الحراره

  2. fkj says:

    dont worry man.. its just a cool breeze with some light showers here n there, but nothing too serious

  3. GlenBoy says:

    Welcome back bro…. Well u better get all ur warm clothes ready coz its freezing hell out her in August 🙂 LOL 🙂

  4. red says:

    Yeah what is it with these female check in staff, they are real ‘jobsworths!’
    they get me with something different every time

  5. almama says:

    i wish for you safety trip , i will miss you .

  6. technogal says:

    Trodon belsalamah Inshallah.
    It is freezing in Kuwait so you better have backed some worm clothes!

  7. INM says:

    nestagbelik bel ma6ar 🙂 inshalah

  8. لؤى says:

    الجو فى شهر 8 احسن من شهر 7 انا وصلت الكويت وايد الجو احسن من شهر 6

  9. Ali says:

    bl salama nshalah 🙂

  10. um-mit3ib says:

    iiimmmm stttilll staaayyyiinggg hheeerrreee;p

    3asa 7tarait?

  11. David says:

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