These are the new numbers effective on october. From the picture it shows that Zain numbers will begin with a 9, Wataniya with a 6, 2 for the landlines and Commercial lines will begin with 1.

Thanks Abdullah


This entry was posted on Monday, August 18th, 2008 at 2:19 am

7 Responses to “Find Your New Number”

  1. Glen says:

    Is this from a confirmed source… Doesn’t show up on MOC or Wataniya sites.

  2. mo3ath says:

    عندي واحد من الاهل يشتغل بوزارة المواصلات يقول خلصوا الارقام علشان جذي زايدين رقم

    شدعوه يبه احنا جم واحد علشان تخلص الارقام ؟ 🙂

  3. technogal says:

    WoooW that will make my land line number kinda unique, since it starts with 2 and ends with double 2’s. With the new added number it will be 22XXXX22 🙂
    But is it true will be effective on Oct?

  4. The Talker says:

    تمام ، رقمي ما راح يخترب بيظل حلو

  5. MJKOUT says:

    Yes its official, also adding the new digit will serve the new mobile company, starting from October the mobile telcos will start adding a digit then a month later land lines will follow.

    i have made a small excel sheet to update my Address book if you are interested in trying it out i posted it on my blog http://www.q8i.org

  6. Pointer says:

    From the picture we can see that Zain currently has 2,000,000 numbers while Wataniya has 1,650,000

  7. Evil Knievel says:

    thanks … but now i got around 500 numbers to update … 🙁