Yes its true ! Me and wife were shocked when we arrived in Dubai, Starting from the airport to everybody in this country is seeking a taxi! 2 years ago when I came to Dubai this problem didn’t exist! Yesterday when we were in Burjuman me and wife waited for almost an hour just to take a taxi.

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  1. mo3ath says:


    since when ??

    last summer i was there and there was a taxi at every corner

    you don’t ask whats the problem ?

  2. Angelo says:

    Yeah, there’s an almost one-hour waiting line in every mall I visited in Dubai. However, this is not true with Ibn Battuta and Mall of the Emirates, with the former being too far away for people to shop in it, and the latter is so popular that the Taxi drivers come in packs in every single second.

    Of course, the Taxi drivers would rather go to Mall of the Emirates to cash in from the drive distant between the mall and the Deerah (i.e. where most hotels are).

  3. Adrenaline says:

    I had the same experience 2 years ago, and i stopped going to Dubai since.

    If you rent a car you spend the day stuck in traffic….. and if you don’t you spend it looking for a taxi.

    If you for any reason you need to go there then make sure you don’t leave the hotel before 8pm, again you still need to rent a car…or just stay in hotel that doesn’t require you to go out except for going to the airport and make sure the hotel arrange for that.

  4. Ali says:

    u have to rent a care !!!

  5. Ali says:

    Mishary .. 3adel my comment .. it`s a CAR NOT care !!!

  6. pumkinah says:

    i was shocked when i came out of the air port last weekend it was like hundred taxi witting and they all were taken in seconds ! and another hundred came and i was lucky to take one of them 😛

  7. pumkinah says:

    na9ee7a always take taxi mn hotels etha el mall ele entaw feeh ako hotel go there and u will easily get a taxi with no time.

  8. Don Veto says:

    What you can do is call the Taxi company on 042080808, the taxis are obligated to answer your withing a few minutes otherwise they get a big fine from the Taxi company. I always call and never had a problem waiting even with the long lines.

  9. I always rent a care when i go to Dubai
    Dubai became like Europe, you have to wait in a Q to get a taxi…

  10. blah says:

    No don’t rent a car, traffic oo 7alla!
    best thing is before you leave your room call the reception and let them find you a taxi,and when there’s a line in a mall,if it moves quickly then wait;p or you can find a “private taxi”, more expensive but it’s worth it!
    lines belmalls in the summer is nothing comparing to spring vacation!