My father used to take us to this restaurant when I was a kid. Back then I didn’t care much for staying in the restaurant, I was more interested in the swings outside.

The place was run by a nice old lady, her and the cook were the only 2 people working there. Now the old lady has left and her daughter took her place. We went on friday and were greeted by the Chef, he showed us to our table, gave us the menus, brought the drinks, cooked the dishes, presented them and gave us the check!

The dishes are amazing in this little place. They’re very simple and not a whole lot of choices are there to choose from, but from my experience, you cannot go wrong with their limited variety, well.. if you’re going to order a goose liver or a monkey’s feet thats another issue.

^The shrimps and the sauce were out of this world!

^My favorite dish: Veal with mustard sauce. and the (obligatory) sides: carrots, mashed broccoli with cream and chips.

^Beef steak with morels mushrooms’ sauce.

When we left and were walking to our car we saw the chef locking the restaurant and running to his car then speeding off. Which made us wonder whether he managed to wash our dishes before leaving.

I Highly recommend this restaurant. The place has this family feeling, and the service is very good. The only annoying thing is the restaurant’s timing. The kitchen is open from 12pm to 2pm and again from 7pm to 9pm.

Note: We were turned away 2 times this summer, once for arriving 10 minutes after 2pm and another time for arriving 5 minutes BEFORE 2pm.

Le Carrousel’s Location.


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