When I was studying there I couldn’t spend enough time in Borders, it always was a rush whenever I’m there; friends waiting outside, late for the movies or a restaurant.. etc. But this time, I was able spend all the time I wanted in Borders, and it felt good.

Another bookshop I had the opportunity to spend time in was the newly opened Magrudy’s bookshop in FestivalCity Mall. Its huge. Make sure you don’t miss it when you’re in Dubai.

I ended up getting these books


This entry was posted on Tuesday, August 19th, 2008 at 8:36 pm

6 Responses to “Magrudy’s & Borders Dubai”

  1. Purgatory says:

    Hard to find books can be found at Magrudy.

  2. Intlxpatr says:

    You got some good ones! I am looking for Orphan Pamluk’s My Name is Red because of Angelo’s review. Also, I think the bookaholics club is going to read it.

  3. pumkinah says:

    am not a big reader but i went to magrody and got some really really nice books that helps me in my career 🙂 i like magrudy alooot !

  4. dots... says:

    the curious incident of the dog …. good… but gets quite dull later half way through … but it is an interesting way of writing…

    loved your selection.. variation is nice…

  5. inashi says:

    hi my name is inashi great coustomer service ,cannot compeaer wth other book shops in dubai…magrudys provides the best service. no 1 book shop in dubai i never find a book shop in even uk ..the service and the quality is amazing shops are huge

  6. Inashi, u’r are a magrudy staff from srilanka, why u lying. U never visited uk. Tell the truth to the public, about how magrudys discriminates among its staff on Salary, Increments etc.

    How in the name of Apprisal a drama is staged when the game( increment) is already Fixed for the selected ones. A 35yrs (1975) old company stagnant( still learning), stupid policies of its management staff the same ones because of which Mr. Mansoor Abulhoul( magrudys’ heir) was fouled.