A couple of days ago my brother mentioned this Mcdonald’s fries lookalike, he said the fries looks exactly like McDonald’s and it tastes really good for a frozen home fried french fries. This weekend when we were in Chabd, we did a little barbeque and coincidently there was this McCain fries on the table, so I tried it. Now, I liked it, it tasted really good, nowhere near as good as McDonald’s, but it was reallly goood. I just did some googling before writing this post, and you know what? IT IS the fries McDonald’s use! the same manufacturer at least. McDonald’s use McCain’s Fries.

From McDonalds site:

MacFries from McCain were found to be one of the best. The award means that McCain fries, produced for McDonald’s to strict specifications, can now be used as a benchmark by other McDonald’s fry suppliers worldwide.

I was told it can be found in most Co-ops.


This entry was posted on Sunday, August 31st, 2008 at 5:41 am

10 Responses to “McCain’s French Fries & McDonald’s”

  1. Pure says:

    I’ll be looking for it ; ) thanks a lot 4 the info X D

  2. pumkinah says:

    a7na mjrbena b4 and its good all of their products were good.. btw i just got mail saying that these kind of fries came pre fried from the manufacture and its dipped in oil ( from cows or pigs ) is that true ?

  3. Harsha says:

    Haha !

    At first I thought this was about the US Presidential Candidate ‘McCain’

  4. Abid says:

    I feel proud to say that McCain’s is the largest producer of French Fries in the world and is also a Canadian company 🙂

  5. Ansam says:

    3ad I love McDonalds fries… Thanks 🙂

  6. Hamad says:

    sadagt sadaagt?

  7. bo9ale7 says:

    a7la french fries 😛 nestakhdema bel bait men zeman

  8. powder says:

    yeah its really good , by the way they fry mcdonalds fries in beef oil , thats why its good , i think i read it some where . a book called chew on this by eric schlosser , and theres this documanty called super size me , u should watch it

  9. Harsha says:

    Beef Oil?

    I see hoardings everywhere in India and Dubai saying they fry their fries in 100% vegetable oil/ Vegetarian oil

  10. Rodney says:

    I’m also very proud that McCain’s has become the International Standard to produce McDonald’s French Fries. While others worry about what fats are used…let me tell….that coating of sugar that goes on the McDonald’s variety…is very addictive…as well as tasty!! The coating gives them that great golden colour. Paranoids and Conspiracy theorists….continue in your paranoia and conspiracy talks…if you so wish…but….do it over a plate of McCain’s French Fries….Or McDonald’s Mcfries…both are probably available conveniently to your home, place of business, or worship. 🙂