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The billboard says “Anticipate the surprise.”


This entry was posted on Saturday, August 23rd, 2008 at 6:33 pm

14 Responses to “Now I’m Curious”

  1. kwt23 says:

    ME TOO!! I’M CURIOUS!! it’s not the best of teasers, but somehow i want to know the “surprise”

  2. Sfsa79 says:

    mo sa7ee. The guy has lost his marbles, has got a screw loose.. In other words; he’s not all there.. Or in simple terms, the guy is crazy in da head.
    We’ve got alot of religious nut-jobs in this world,with there “end of the world is coming”, and “anticipate a surprise” nonsence. Quite frankly, we could do without them.. What a monstrousity of a building, waen il baladieh 3anhom???

  3. plastic says:

    Probably something like this :

    من سبَّ أصحابي فعليه لعنة الله والملائكة والناس أجمعين


  4. pumkinah says:

    wain el baladeyah oo lajnat el thawaher el salbeyah ele nsm3 feha wla nshoofha !! wela wain wezarat el awqaaf ?!! bs shengool !! derat ba6eekh

  5. Sunshine says:

    The suspense is killing me

    note the sarcasm :p

  6. The Talker says:

    شخصيا أشوف ان مجهوده طيب والله يجزاه خير

  7. 'goa says:

    may be he found new personality that is shared and loved by she’at and son’at.

  8. pumkinah : ana kilish mo ma3ach ib kilmat “dera ba6ee5” la2ana ib 9ara7a law shino il mustawa il no9ala , 7alna a7san min 8airna ib wayeeeeeeeed ooo il 7imdilla il kuwait deerat 5air ooo ni3ma ooo 9ij ma ar’9a 3alaiha

  9. chika says:

    Again Yousef! Same thing I wanted to post about loool! I am curious too!

  10. Pure says:

    I totally agree with ” The Talker ” and “Abdul Aziz Al-Modaf ” ..

  11. um-mit3ib says:

    yimkin iktishaf sir ?

  12. Stafa says:

    LOL this is too funny! Religion has become very commercial in this country, have you see the latest ad by Zain lately?

  13. as much as I want to know what kind of surprise it is… as much as i am scared to know!

    cross ur fingers for the best ana agol 😛

    and honestly .. they need to put some thought in creativity

  14. powder says:

    lol , i laugh everytime i pass by 😛