Me and my family and Yousef will be going to Dubai today just for the
weekend. We’ll be posting from there, everything will go as usual but expect more mobile blogging 🙂


I came across the image above while on wikipedia and it reminded me of some images I took back in june when I was in Montreux.

The pictures are of the same view. The old one is a painting, obviously, a 200 year old painting of Montreux and it’s lake by an artist named Joseph Mallord William Turner. It was painted in 1810. The picture on the other hand was taken in june of 2008. Almost 200 hundred years ago Mr. Turner sat somewhere close to where I was taking pictures and made that painting. Two images of the same place that are 200 hundreds years apart.


An excerpt from the official site:

“The Tiger Woods Dubai, a member of Tatweer, is a private residential community and resort that will include the world’s first golf course designed by Tiger Woods – Al Ruwaya.
Embodying Tiger Woods’ vision of creating a spectacular, challenging golf course, Al Ruwaya, will be a 7,800 yard, par 72, 18 hole championship course with dramatic elevation changes, lush landscaping, stunning water features and an overall design that will challenge and entertain golfers of all playing abilities.
Luxurious residential and hospitality components will include residences, a boutique hotel, a well-being spa, a fine dining restaurant, a professionally staffed golf academy and clubhouse.”
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^Click on the picture for a bigger version.

Pictures were taken in Geneva on 8/8/08. It’s a 3 wide-angled pictures merged to form this panorama view.


My first photography related shipment arrived today. As you can see i’ve shifted to ShopnShip, USWS SUCK! They’re not even worth a mention. Anyway back to topic, My order this time was for the camera accessories.

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Can you guess what those things are?


Ok so those things aren’t as uncommon as I thought they’d be.. You got it right, all of you 😛 They’re salt & paper shakers. We got the white and blue couple.


I took my Nintendo Wii to AlRehab in Hawally to solve the previously mentioned problem. I asked around till someone suggested trying a shop called The Japanese Corner “Alrukn alyabany.” The guy there said I need to upgrade “a6awwer” the console so it could play NTSC, PAL and DVDRs. He asked for 20kds for the chip he’s going to install, and we ended up agreeing on 18kd. 2 hours later the chip was installed.

The problem is partially solved now, Mario galaxy worked but Mario Kart didn’t. I’m going back to the shop to see what could be done.

Thanks for the tip guys.


Today i got a lesson for my SLR in yousef’s house which was instructed by Yousef, explained to me the basics and let me try it out and i came up with these pics. All what tha I need now is some comments about my first pics 🙂

For more pics click the link below.

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I bought some Wii games from europe and I’m trying to play them on my Japanese Wii and they’re not working. Its saying that its unable to read the disc. I read over the net that my Wii console is an NTSC one and the games I have bought are PAL. Is there any way to still be able to play the games? any software or modification?


posted By Yousef

My vacation is finally coming to an end. I’m leaving this beautiful place tomorrow back to Kuwait. I spent over two months here, and I still have it in me to stay for an extra year or two..

I took my suitcase and checked it in at the airport so i wouldn’t feel rushed and in a hurry on the day of flight. The bag was heavy and there was possibly a 2 or 3 kilos of excess weight. We did some precautions and brought an extra bag with us to lighten mine just incase it needed some lightening, thank God that didn’t happen, coz we were lucky to have dealt with a guy, not a girl, at the check-in counter. Girls at check in counters are crazy, no offense, but the ones I dealt with are.

Anyway. I hope the weather in Kuwait isn’t too cold coz I didn’t pack any warm clothes.


Today Ahmad was passing near Eureka in Salmiya and he noticed this ad on the building next to it. Read each word carefully 🙂

Thanks Ahmad

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parmesan chunks

Just got a flickr account. Check it out HERE. I will add more pictures soon inshallah.




We’re having lunch today in Shabstan resturant in Crown Plaza Hotel. We were shocked once we entered the hotel and found these CHEAP cartoon characters running all over the place! Please can anyone tell me whats the reason behind such a cheap act in a 5 stars hotel?

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We just bought a new cooler that deals with these large bottles but the problem now, where can I buy a new empty one? i dont want to subscribe with Alroudatain or Abraj company which delivers these kind of large bottles, What i want is to get one so i can fill it at home. Does Anyone know any place in Kuwait that sells them?


My Mother and I were in the car the other day. An old guy with black clothing and a black hat wanted to cross the road and i stopped for him. Mom then pointed out that this guy is a jew.

This got me thinking about how we’re always taught to hate the jews, never talk to them, not be friendly with them..etc.

Me: How come we’re taught not to like and interact with jews?
Mom: No, there is nothing wrong with befriending the jews.
Me: But we were always lectured on how its almost a national duty not to like them.
Mom: We don’t like Israel. The country and the government but not the jews themselves. The prophet (PBUH) had jews connections and did trade stuff with them.
Me: oh..
Mom: We were talking about the jews in Kuwait the other day and flana (a relative of ours) told me this interesting story about them living in Kuwait back in the 30’s.

There was a street in Kuwait that was famous coz a lot of jews were living there, they called it the jews street, “fereej ilyohood”. they lived among us till the 1930s. They used to come visit every once in awhile. They liked my mother’s mother. They left kuwait in the late 30’s to Israel. They were rich people; they did a lot of lending and saving, they also had lots of gold. When they decided to leave Kuwait to Israel (via boats to Basra, Iraq), the news travelled fast (back then everybody knew everybody else, literally) so some young men from various Kuwaiti families (young guys from the royal family too) wanted to steal the jews’ gold. They waited till it was dark and no one was around, then went to the jews’ boats and dug holes in them. When the jews set sail in the early morning the day after, the boats started leaking and eventually they started sinking.

Almost all of the jews lived in Kuwait and left with no harm and were treated nicely. Only a small group were targeted by an even smaller group of Kuwaitis (Sawwadallah wyoohom) and when their boats went down, they left a lot of gold behind.



Brief History:

The restaurant was recommended by 9K2HN. He ate at this restaurant with his family and cousins more than 20 years ago. He came to know about this restaurant when they were staying in one of Geneve’s hotels back in the mid 80’s. Back then they weren’t familiar with the country as much as they are now, so they asked the hotel and were recommended this restaurant. They took a taxi and went there. They liked it and kept the restaurant’s card. In the coming years, whenever they wanted to go back to this restaurant, they’d go to the Noga Hiltion Hotel (Now its Kempinski) and take a taxi from there to the restaurant coz its so hard to get there without a taxi. fast forward to yesterday.. 9K2HN, his brother and me wanted to go back there. He dug up the restaurant’s card and used modern day technology to get there, A.K.A. the GPS. The waiter was very surprised to see the restaurant’s old card with us, He said he recognized the logo but not the card itself coz its too old.

According to 9K2HN, the restaurant is still as it was over 20 years ago. Its basically a villa somewhere in geneve (I don’t think I can get there without a GPS either). You can choose to sit inside or in the terrace. The inside of the restaurant feels like you’re in a hut or cabin. The restaurant specializes in Grills. They bring you your own little coal filled barbeque grill and you do the grilling. You can choose one or a mix of their boneless meats. They offer: beef, lamb, chicken, duck, turkey, fish, shrimps and squids. Each dish comes with fries and an appetizer of your choice (smoked salmon, salad mêlée/mix…etc.

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Yes its weird, Accident in the parking lot? From the pics it shows that it happend in Dubai.. i’m wondering about the car’s speed when this thing happened.


My friend just sent me a link for a site where you can find a ring tone for almost every arabic name. I found my name and my parent’s. Click HERE and find yours.

A ringtone with my name 😛

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Thanks INM.




I dont think he will ever think of doing it again 🙂