The first class passengers on Emirates’ A380 can now enjoy private suits/spaces, shower spas and lounges up in the air.

And in other related news, Kuwait Airways stooped lower than ever and started flying with broken toilets.

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Thanks Zaid.


This entry was posted on Monday, August 4th, 2008 at 12:10 am

6 Responses to “Showers, Spas and Lounges on Emirates”

  1. 5ermesS says:

    ee mo hathe elle from Dubai to New York!!
    galoly b.3000 KD

    a7es waayed teswa kel hal services o ilfacilities o aham shay ena ma ra7 t5ader rilek mn elga3da foog 10 hours 🙂

  2. Taymoor says:

    Kuwait Airways? Whats that? 😛

  3. pumkinah says:

    mo ghareeba 3l q8 !! wla ghareeba 3l emirate !!

  4. Om Yasafi says:

    الله يهداك يا يوسف ما حطيت هالخبر الي يزوغ القلب وهالصور الا الحين!عقب ما شرينا تذاكرنا من الكويتية ؟؟
    اشوف مكتب السفريات يقنعنا انحول على الاماراتية اثرى االسالفة جذي ؟لو اوري الصور حق معزبنا بيهون يسافر .
    ما كو لي ردينا اوريه صور الاماراتية جود نحصل سفرة ثانية عقب العيد
    مشكور على الخبر

  5. Splash says:

    Then you don’t need to enter the country, just relax for couple of days in Spa 😉

  6. thegodfather says:

    I just got back from London few days ago from a wonderful trip that included paris and florence on the menu, a perfect trip for those who just graduated, especially from the medical school. I checked in my single luggage, and when it went through, the employee said to me “sorry sir we cannot seat you in the first class because there’s a dress code to be seated there!!”. And when i started bargaining they told me that they’ve applying this rule for 2 years now, although i’ve been flying the skies several times in less than a year, and i’ve never heard of such a rule. On top of that, the LHR Kuwait airways chief way of “solving the problem” was so impolite. We basically don’t have a problem with rules, it’s just a proper and polite notification will do the work. Yet their dress code states that a proper pant and a shirt would be fine. Now imagine that you’re flying for 6 hours or so wearing a shirt and a formal pant. Even if you wanna get comfy clothes, they dont allow you to do so :S