Just got an sms from Ahmad telling me Sultan Center Souq Sharq is closed because they had a fire!

Can anyone confirm it? Got any pictures to show us?

Thanks Ahmad

UPDATE: just got the picture from Ahmad.


This entry was posted on Friday, August 1st, 2008 at 10:34 am

10 Responses to “Sultan Center in Souq Sharq Caught Fire”

  1. dhari says:

    Inshala the fire only in small section. I always shop there hope they could fix it fast

  2. Ahmad says:

    I didn’t see any sign of fire from the outside and there were no fire trucks nearby.

    I think it’s a small one but maybe the smell is still there and they don’t want people inside until it’s gone.

  3. TwaiF says:

    the posters maktob 3alihum enqe6aa3 eltayar elkahrabeey !

  4. bohnawa says:

    looks like sultan centers getting a bad rep for the last couple of weeks…their service seems to be going down hill! anyways i just hope that no one got injured!…

    p.s related links


  5. kwt23 says:

    never heard of this :s

  6. pumkinah says:

    i was there wednesday ! mako shy

  7. The Talker says:

    عساه خير بس .. اتوقع لو حريجه جان حصلنا شي بالجرايد .. يعني مو الشي اللي يستخبى
    عاد لو الكهربا طفت عسى ما تخيس بضاعتهم عليهم لوووول

  8. Ansam says:

    I was there earlier today and towards the poultry/chicken/seafood section in the back it seemed a bit darker, dimmed… not all light were switched on! I was wondering why!

  9. um-mit3ib says:

    3ad i love sil6an sharg !

  10. mo3ath says:

    just hear it form you

    i’ll go and check ..