Yes, it just begun! want some? 🙂


This entry was posted on Monday, August 4th, 2008 at 7:23 am

12 Responses to “The Dates Season Has Just Begun!”

  1. mo3ath says:

    not a fan

    but thanks anyway 🙂

  2. Abdullah says:

    La tensaa enik emwa3edny bel ‘7alal el 6ayeb ( Ya el 6ayeb) 😉

  3. pumkinah says:

    abeeeeeeeeeeeeee … my sis ams yayba lena 7da 3jeeb mashalah !! m3a el arabic coffee ooo rrrrrrrrrrrrroooo7777777 😛

  4. joy says:

    because am in kuwait and the rest of the country is out
    suddenly our house is filled with dats all kind from everyone i know

  5. almama says:

    please keep for us in freezer for ramadan , say hello to mum . thanks .

  6. Ali says:

    ana abi 5alal 😛

  7. Om Yasafi says:

    أنعم الله
    عليكم بالعافية
    احنا فتحنا مصنع جبس وتجفيف تمور في بيتنا ماشاء الله سنة خير

  8. pumkinah says:

    om yosif … dezeeelna shway !

  9. Balqees says:

    ohh 5la9 ramadan garb thats why
    yooh wallah mn jd ramadan garb
    wnaaaasah !!!!!!

  10. Splash says:

    For years, my morning breakfast is dates, it gives energy and it’s very healthy, they look yummy 🙂

  11. Om Yasafi says:


    min 3yooni
    6rsheeli 3nwanch

  12. Om Mishary says:

    الخير وايد
    ننطر ردتج بالسلامه almama وحاضرين يا