master, over at fyonkat just wrote a post about her embarrassing encounter with a waiter in geneve, Read it here, and She inspired me to write about my own embarrassing encounter with a waiter. It happened in 1996. Here is how it went:

Me and my friend were sitting in a cafe near the lake. We ordered cokes and the waitress brought them over, she was very friendly and all smiles.

I tend to spill drinks at restaurants. Sometimes when I try to describe something my arms make drawings in the air and other uncontrollable motions. Lets just say I can’t sit at a cafe or a restaurant without making a scene and most of the time the spilled drink finds it’s way to my shirt, and this time it was no exception 😀 I spilled the coke all over the table with one swift motion. The waitress came running and said “C’est pas grave” (no problem) and brought a towel and started to clean the table.

Waitress: So…who is the pig!
Me: *pointed at my friend* HIM! he’s the pig! He spilled it!

The waitress smiled.

Friend: Me.
Me: *I was amazed at how he was ok with being called a pig*
Waitress: what day you were born?
Me: 1st of january.
Waitress: wow! 1st of january! on new year!
Friend: and I’m on 25th of december.
Waiter: WOW! he’s on new years and you on christmas!

We all laughed and chatted for awhile and then she left. I then asked my friend about the “pig” thingy and then he said..

Friend: She did not say PIG! she asked who is BIGGER! OLDER! not who is the pig!

Ohh….. hehe… Errrrrr….


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9 Responses to “Who is The Pig!?”

  1. Master says:

    hhahahaah 🙂 who is the Pig ??

  2. The Talker says:

    لووووووووول والله الموقف من بدايته احراجات لو انا ويهي يصير قوس قزح

  3. mo3ath says:

    3ala 6ool 6ala3t mnha 🙂

  4. Intlxpatr says:


    When I was a teenager, my parents sent me with my sisters to the hotel restaurant for breakfast, where, in my best french, I ordered French toast, expecting it to be a sort of eggy bread we make and call French toast.

    Of course, what I got was toast. I argued, I said “this is not French toast” and the waitress looked cooly at me and said: This is France. That is toast. This is French toast.”

    I’m still embarrassed.

  5. KaikA-MGroMa says:

    wek wek wek 😛

  6. 5ermesS says:

    LOL 3ade ta79ol fe a7san il3awayel 😛

    BTW ywanes blog fyoknat “adre dasha 3arth” 😛
    lol 3ala 6are ilblogs Yousef check blog wa7da esmha il3ayooz
    neektaa 😀

  7. joy says:


    seeeeda he`s the pig
    o enta elly kattah hahahahahahahahah

  8. Om Yasafi says:

    Allah Yik63 Bleesik

  9. thegodfather says:

    you have a cool friend btw :p