The other day Abdullah was in Bayan Co-Op and he found this, i wont say more about it, but do they think we are that dump?! me7na zaydeen las3aar bas ha ?! benqalel el kameya! (The price stays the same but the amount is less.)

Can anyone explain this?

I’ll keep you with the rest of the pics.

35g for 150 fils and the 40g for 150 fils too?

Anyway Thanks Abbdullah


This entry was posted on Friday, August 29th, 2008 at 12:01 am

8 Responses to “Who Said The Prices Are Getting Higher?”

  1. Abid says:

    lol….they think they are ingenious don’t they?

  2. Pure says:

    O_o … !

  3. Ahmad says:

    I think the trick is to confuse you and make you unable to calculate the price so you’ll buy without thinking.

  4. Ansam says:

    yeah same goes for a lot of juices too and other products! its insane

  5. pumkinah says:

    alah y3eena !!

  6. blah says:

    sh-hal5arabi6? shloon? :S law ana minhom a9eer nathla oo ashteri kil al “big amounts”. bs wai3 tinarfazt wain ga3den?! atwaqa3 they are waiting for the “big amounts” to finish oo ba3dain kilhom ye9er “small amounts” 3abalhom mara7 enla7ith 3ala bo enna e7na mit3awden 3ala alsmall amounts! wow the whole thing doesnt make sense! ask edarat aljam3iya!