In the past 4 days my internet was SO SLOW! I cant even write a post. So as usual I called 107 and they kept me waiting for almost 20 min. Ok o ba3dain ?! what do you think the solution was? Take your sim card from the router, restart it and wait 10 mins. (( for those who dont know Zain’s its a normal procedure with ANY PROBLEM)) So, I waited 10 min with no sucsses. I called again and made a complaint. Until now the problem isn’t solved. And the guys there keep sayin ‘Zain Thanks Your Call!’ thanks for what?! Don’t thank me! solve my problem! Sij I’m annoyed at them!


This entry was posted on Wednesday, August 27th, 2008 at 8:49 pm

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  1. DVLz says:

    I actually found this on their website but not sure if thats the problem in your case. Read the last 2 sentences

    ” To ensure a high quality of service and to provide equal access opportunities to all our customers, Zain follows a fair usage policy (for data sent and received) on monthly basis. Subject to fair usage policy, upon exceeding fair usage limits, Zain may activate and apply network protection controls, which may result in a reduced network speed for 1 month.”

  2. Ansam says:

    On the other hand… zain Saudi started up in KSA and made a big entrance…

    Shahar 3alaik o Shahar 3alina
    Special Numbers
    Local rate for 10+ countries

    all this for the first half million customers… FOR LIFE! How about that?
    WTG zain Saudi… and as for zain group as a whole, yalla continue expanding o bas bedoon oriented strategies!!!


  3. Amjad says:

    I think it’s better than waiting for 20 mins plus and then get a message from them saying “Your call is important to us, please keep waiting”. That’s what I get whenever I call my ISP back in Oman and they put me on hold. Every few minutes they give me this message “your call is important to us, please keep waiting”. If my call is important to you, then why the hell are you keeping me on hold for all this time?

  4. Yousef says:

    i called yesterday and filed a complaint and they told me it should be solved in less than 4 days and someone will call me. Its not just us, there are many others complaining about the ego service and how slow it got. I couldn’t even load a page today.

  5. Dodo says:

    Zain MA zain :p
    god i hate Zain!! local rate for selected countries?? we7na bas yl6oon floosna! khalf allaaaaa 3alaina!!!
    the thing eli 9ej ba6 chabdi is why are we being charged when we recieve (RECIEVE may i repeat) an international call????

    Zain kills me!

  6. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    I recieved a sms regarding a new APN for ‘Ego’ .. apparently its supposed to be more faster/stable. I guess the only option would be to call up and ask for the other APN.

  7. Frankom says:

    And whats the new APN ?

  8. Stafa says:

    Thank god I don’t have to use this e-go crap, dsl ftw!

  9. “for those who dont know Zain’s its a normal procedure with ANY PROBLEM”

    why wouldnt you do this before calling them first time and waiting for 20 minutes just to do what u already knew they wil ask you to do?

  10. naser M says:


  11. Mishary says:

    a question of a question i did it and even i told him i did it! but he insist to re do it again !!

  12. mentabolism says:

    I use an Ericsson router….the service is still slow…so I guess its not the router..

  13. Pure says:

    Allah y3eena .. i have the same problem too !
    and i OFFICIALLY hate zain i even call them SHAIN (bad) , all what they think about is expanding internationally and neglecting us locally !!
    I HATE THEM !!

  14. ram says:

    me too i was facing the same problem and when i called them they told me that they are doing an update in Salwa………
    I took the stupid router and went to another area Abo il Hasanee, same problem again….too Slow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The worse service i ever had

  15. moby says:

    I am having same proble from past 10 days!!!
    Very slow service ….
    I made many calls (atleast 2/day) to 107, with out a result.
    And still I am waiting a solution ……

  16. Huzaifa mubarak says:

    Ive jst bought a zain sim in saudiarabia and need to make use of a software by the name of mig33 which requires an accesspoint name to connect to the internet. Could you kindly send me the name of the accesspoint name, eg: web2 for mobily ksa

  17. slider01770 says:

    I have the same problem. I just noticed it about 5 days ago when i got disconnected very frequently, and web page loading takes much longer time than before.

    ‘am also waiting for Zain’s solution…..

  18. 7amood says:

    zain mo zain
    zain router is 2 slow and i have a 1mb connection and when i tell people that they keep saying that your connection is much better than ours why are you mad?
    i’ll tell you way i tryed the router for a week and i notice that a 1k.d internet card is much faster than this stupid slow router
    and my cousin have a Q_net dsl 1mb same as me but its a dsl and its from Q_net and guess what its like a 2mb dsl
    have a good day

  19. Louie says:

    Zain has suddenly reduced its fair usage policy limit from 30 GB to 20 GB on their Ego postpaid subscribers. Thats so terribly unfair isn’t it. We signed to their contract knowing the limitations and now they are implementing this changes. Why don’t they implement it on the new subscribers and not to existing ones. If their systems cannot cope up with the rising demands, why not stop selling it. Seem like they would rather sacrifies the trust given to them by their subscribers just to earn more. If they are honest enough, they must let their subscribers terminate their contract free of charge.
    Not giving the services agreed upon and adverticed during the time of purchase is ‘cheating’. Kuwait Trade & Industry… please look into this matter please.

  20. Stan says:

    If there is a way to sue Zain somebody please let me know..They’re takin their cusomters for granted by just changing the fair usage policy to their damn discretion..you’re right louie..If they can’t cope up with the growing demand of customers why the hell do they need new ones without improving their infrastructure..Instead they just opt on “dont giv a damn attitude” for the existing customers by changing the fair usage policy to their will..damn F*&*in cheaters..

  21. Mudi says:

    I agree. I think it is pathetic to have an “unlimited” service that is so extremely limited in so many ways. For such a wealthy country, we have such antiquated services. I wonder if the gov’t realizes how backward and “redneck” it makes them look to the rest of the world. It’s embarrassing!