In January of this year I visited Kuwait for the first time in my life. It was not a long ahead planned visit. The decision to go was influenced by coincidental circumstances and made only 2 days before my flight took off. Because I was never in the Middle East before, I looked forward to it as a very interesting possibility to see more of this part of the world.

One of the only few facts I knew about Kuwait was from years back, 1973 to be exactly. Being an 11-year old boy I remembered that Israel was in war with some Arabic countries (the Jom Kipoer war) and due to that conflict The Netherlands were embargoed oil supply. Kuwait was one of the leading OPEC countries who denied to sell oil to The Netherlands. As a result of that our PM Joop den Uyl, took some hard measures to deal with this problem and did implement an official ‘no-driving Sunday’. Even though it took some time to get use to it, it became a special and welcome variety of our usually weekend spending. With the whole family we went to the high-roads to roller-skate and bicycle on this new ‘car-free’ playground. Together with lots of other children we had a great time enjoying ourselves in the cleanest air of the week.

At that time I was too young to realize what the political background of the issue was. The only thing I remembered was the sound of fear and fright in the voices of my parents regarding to the subject of ‘war’. Being in the middle of the cold-war and still in fresh memory the second world war, there was a lot of fear for another ‘Great War’. Unexpectedly I was introduced at that time in the world of global-politics. Especially by the honorary-consul of Kuwait, the most respectful Sir Mahmoud Rabbani. As no one else would be able to, he explained the point of view of the Arabic countries to the Dutch television viewers in a very clear way. For this achievement there was a lot of respect for him among the Dutch people. In retrospective, I think, he was one of the most unfortunate diplomats of his time. For accepting an invitation in a cynical television program, in which he did receive a copy of a funny song ‘Kiele kiele Koeweit’ (a Dutch totally innocent song about the oil crisis), Mahmoud Rabbani was heavily criticized by the Arabic countries he represented. This was really a pity; it was mainly because of him that the Dutch got so much more understanding for the problems of the Palestinians. But may be that’s the fate of a popular diplomat abroad.

Having Kuwait now visited twice, I must say that I’m still overwhelmed by the hospitality, warmness and the liberal thought of the Kuwaiti people. The second time I was accompanied by a television crew for making a documentary about a 10-year old Kuwaiti soccer player ‘Sayed’. The crew and I had a very nice time and great fun shooting the scenes with Sayed and his family all around the country. What an amazing talent has this boy! The film was broadcasted in The Netherlands already and received many positive reviews.

Due to these positive experiences I hope to visit Kuwait again soon, but at this moment I have only one (urgent!) question for the Kuwaiti Government. ‘Can you please cut back the oil supply again?’ It’ll bring back some wonderful memories of my youth and also helps the battle against Global Warming. Thank you in advance!


What an interesting piece huh? 🙂 I loved that he liked Kuwait and had positive things to say about his visits. As for his request, I highly doubt the government would consider such requests. 😛

Here is a trailer of the documentary they did with Sayed.

For more information about the documentary visit Soccertalents.

Thank you Marcel for sharing your experience with us.




According to Alarabiya tomorrow is Eid in KSA, Just stay tuned for an official Kuwaiti confirmation.

Anyway, Me and Yousef wish you all the best o 3eedkom embarak 🙂


Confirmed by Al-Rai TV tomorrow is Eid in Kuwait.

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If you still haven’t edited or renumbered your phonebook, like me, then go to Zain’s website and under the “quick links” box you should find “Zain renumbering solutions,” click on it and look up your mobile’s version. There is comprehensive list of almost every mobile out there. Find your mobile from the list, download it’s software, upload the software to your mobile, hit renumber.. and you’re done.


A CD of the solutions will be available tomorrow, free of charge, at Zain branches.

Mishary, there is a blackberry link there as well 😉





At our last Ghabga my friend brought some sushi that are homemade. I didn’t know they were homemade till he told me so, and I can’t say I was surprised when he said they have a sushi business, coz they all looked very professionally done. Now I’m not a Sushi expert, I never went to a japanese restaurant (well maybe once or twice), but I liked them all. I especially liked the orange ones with the spicy crab sauce and sprinkles of brown garnish stuff.

To look through the menu take a look at their website by clicking HERE.

Phone # 6510140.
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If you’re a camping guy then i think this might come in handy for you. This is a jacket, pillow and backpack.

You can see the video if you wish by clicking HERE

It cost around KD60 without shipping, if you’re happy with the price then you can order it by clicking HERE

Thanks DVLz.





Got this via e-mail:

On August 19th 2007, an oil tanker off the coast of Australia split in two, dumping 20,000 tons of crude oil. Senator Collins, a member of the Australian Parliament, appeared on a TV news program to reassure the Australian public. This actual interview is so funny, you’d swear it was a ‘Monty Python’ skit.

It just proves… Once a politician, always a politician!

Thanks Taymoor.

Not a real interview.




As the topic says, I went yesterday with my wife to Safat Alghanim to search for the Acer Aspire One which Pure mentioned in the comments in my last post but guess what ?! SOLD OUT! even with a higher price its sold out in every alghanim branch. So i decided to end this issue by spending almost triple the Acer price and bought MSI Wind U90 for KD145 🙂

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No need for the conventional ones, this is pretty good i think you can take them with you whenever your traveling or going to shalaih, they don’t add any weight to your bag.

For ordering click HERE







I went to Eureka today with INM to get one of these mini laptop but guess what?! its sold out in every Eureka branch! 7asafa walla it was really a good deal.

P.S. Do you know where can i get one with the same price?


Warning. Post may contain mouth watering pictures.
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For those who’s abroad and want to watch some Arabic channels, Here is a site that broad cast some of our channels and this time its for free, You just need a high speed internet.


thanks to Armageddon


Taken from reuters:

“McAfee’s Latest Research Names Hollywood’s Most Celebrated Dad Brad Pitt as Riskiest Celebrity to Search for on the Web

Checking in on your famous friends is not only a guilty pleasure, but seriously dangerous for your PC. Fans searching for “Brad Pitt,” “Brad Pitt downloads,” and Brad Pitt wallpaper, screen savers and pictures have an 18% chance of having their PCs infected with online threats, such as spyware, spam, phishing, adware, viruses and other malware.

The list of most dangerous celebrities on cyberspace:

  1. Brad Pitt
  2. Beyonce
  3. Justin Timberlake
  4. Heidi Montag
  5. Mariah Carey
  6. Rest of the list..


No Comment .. (Gal 6aleg’ha wekheth ekhet’ha gal …… )


As their banner suggests, You can now renumber your contacts for free with their backup service.

For more info click HERE.

Thanks Hamad.


Straight to the specs:

  • Dimensions: 4.6 x 2.16 x 0.63 inches, weighs 5.6 ounces.
  • Screen: 480 x 320 HVGA display.
  • OS: Google Operating System.
  • Wireless: 3G (obviously), GPS, BT (won’t have stereo Bluetooth), HSDPA 1700 / 2100 plus quadband EDGE, WiFi.
  • Camera: 3.1-megapixel (No video capture).
  • Memory: 1GB integrated storage plus microSD expansion supports up to 8GB.
  • Battery usage: 5 hours of talk time with 130 hours of standby.
  • 3D graphics acceleration
  • Android Market for on-device app purchases
  • Amazon MP3 app for on-device music purchases
  • Push Gmail support with full HTML client
  • Bluetooth (but no A2DP)
  • Google Maps with Street View
  • No Microsoft Exchange support
  • No desktop synchronization — it all happens over the air



My father just gave me a book ’40 Years In Kuwait’ by Violet Dickson / Om S3ood. I’ve been going through it’s pages for the last hour and a half and I would like to share this paragraph on p147 with you guys:

We went to our yearly camping spot in the desert (Arifjan), but this year camp was different for me coz I had an objective in mind; I wanted to collect every flower, dry it, and then put in the special preserving package Mr. Horwood gave me and then send them to the Kew Museum in London.

I saw a purple plant, it wasn’t too rare, “Khzama,” was what 3amsha used to call it. Khzama means nose earrings, It is called that coz it’s seed look like a Khzama. I sent the first batch of flowers after the spring of 1933 to the museum and it turned out that this specific flower wasn’t known before and had no records, and I was very happy to learn afterwards that Mr. Horwood (Museum manager) named it after his last name and mine’s, he named it “Horwoodia Dicksoniae.”

This is the flower Mrs. Dickson (Om S3ood) saw and sent to london 75 years ago.


This is the new e-Go device from ZAIN. It is said that it’ll have a flash memory built into it and some other stuff. I love how small it is! I’ll keep you updated once I learn more.

Thanks Hamad.


I know its a bit too late to post about fotoor but i found today’s fotoor so delicious, thats why i picked up my camera and took some shots. I will keep you with the pics:

P.S: if it passes the Fajer time please don’t see the rest of the pictures maby akheth thanb 🙂

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Taken from

Today Apple announced the Apple Ultracompact USB Power Adapter Exchange program.
Apple has determined that under certain conditions the new ultracompact Apple USB power adapter’s metal prongs can break off and remain in a power outlet, creating a risk of electric shock. We have received reports of detached blades involving a very small percentage of the adapters sold, but no injuries have been reported.

The ultracompact USB power adapters were supplied with every iPhone 3G sold in the following countries:
▪ US
▪ Japan
▪ Canada
▪ Mexico
▪ Several Latin American countries

Users with ultracompact power adapters should immediately stop using them until they exchange them for a new, redesigned ultracompact adapter.

In the meantime, they should charge their iPhone 3G by connecting it to their computer with the USB cable that came with their iPhone or by using a standard-sized Apple USB Power Adapter (with fold up prongs) or with a third party adapter designed to work with the iPhone, such as a car charger.

Thanks Khalid.