Apple will hold an event on the 9th of this month, it will be probably mainly for the mini ipods, but who knows maybe they’re gonna introduce the new tablet :) 9K2HN stay tuned coz i think ena alah hadaak o elfal lekhwanek inshallah :)


UPDATE: it seems that im a bit outdated, coz there are no ipod minis for couple of years now, I guess I meant to say ipods nano. Thanks Kha for the correction :)


This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008 at 12:04 am

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  1. kwt23 says:

    is there any chance new macbooks/macbook pros will be announced?? i’ve been waiting forever for them!!


  2. Kha says:

    Mishary, there are rumors of a new iPod Touch as well. And mate, iPod mini was discontinued years ago, it’s iPod nano 😉

    kwt23, almost certain chance for new macbooks/macbook pros, but maybe not now but in the upcoming ones.


  3. The Talker says:

    بصراحة منو يهتم حق المينيز الحين .. مستغرب اهتمام أبل فيهم ، يعني فشلوا من البداية وعدلوا شكله وصغروه بس خلاص .. بعد شنو زياده ما يندرى
    أتمنى بالفعل أشوف الماك بوك برو اليديد ، أو التابليت اللي أخباره تتسرب ..
    أتوقع بنشوف عالم يديد من اللابتوبات .. مثل ما سوى الماك بوك اير


  4. loco says:

    walla ana a3te’3ed ena fee shay yet3l’3 bel ipod touch!!!

    cuz sawaw update 7ag el iphone fe o5o el iphone ohwa el ipod touch 😛


  5. Kha says:

    The talker, the ipod mini was the best selling iPod at its time. People still do buy it, because not a lot of people actually want to have 80 GBs worth of media with them or a device as sophisticated as the iPod touch. Perfect example of that is for exercising/going to the gym.

    I am going to take a wild guess and say that they are adding GPS chips to the iPod touch :p I’m not sure its not going to be that though because of SO many limitations but one might as well wish :p


  6. kwt23 says:

    Kha: aren’t there apps u can add to the ipod touch that include gps?? … and when do u think they will release new ‘tops? can’t wait more than late sept. i might get an old macbook or something..


  7. Nano 4 is too light thin for me, I will easily lose or break this. Anyone agree ?


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