5 months ago I posted how it was easy to get an iTunes card off ebay, and till a couple of days ago it was the only way I could get an iTunes card. Well, the other day khalid made a comment on that post saying that he sell those cards.

I emailed him and learned that:

1-He sells iTunes gift cards and provide the cards via email.
2-Every $1 = 350 fils, which means a $10 iTunes card would cost 3.5kd and so on..
3-He’s got 2 bank accounts as a method of payment, meaning you deposit the card’s worth to his account on either Gulf Bank or NBK.

Here is his E-MAIL if you’re interested in buying some iTunes cards.


This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 at 5:58 am

11 Responses to “Buying iTunes Cards Got A Bit Easier”

  1. Kha says:

    Thanks a lot Yousef, I’ll sure use this when I need it πŸ™‚

  2. Adrenaline says:

    Khalid u should contact FASTtelco, they have a lot of demand of these cards and they don’t have any…they had an offer on Apple TV and everyone who got one needs these cards.

  3. ANM says:

    do you know that you can buy one of these via amazon.com and ask the buyer to send the code via email .

  4. DVLz says:

    lol intaw sowalifkom hathy ma te6la3 ela eb shahar ramathan walla 3aib, Allah yehadeek bas.

  5. Adrenaline says:

    Could someone tell what’s wrong with DVLz, what is he trying to say?

  6. Yousef says:

    Kha You’re most welcome πŸ™‚

    ANM ana agool infeeda ohwa awla min il’3areeb πŸ™‚

    DVLz 3oootho billah πŸ˜›

    Adrenaline Your fasttelco idea is a real good one, Khalid should definitely go for it. and as for DVLz, I think he’s just kidding πŸ™‚

  7. mumiz says:

    salam ..

    momken t36eni emailk ..

    l2ny m7taj b6aqat iTunes ..

  8. Bo 7amad says:


    There is an easier to get your cards “deserves its own post”

    but here goes:

    1- go to http://www.globalitunes.com
    2- click on BUY CREDIT
    3- Choose the amount you like.
    4- Fill your info, with any payment method (Visa, Master, paypal)
    5- DONE.

    Hope This helps.

  9. Bo 7amaD says:

    note on the side,

    If you already have an iTunes account, you just need to redeem.

    if not create a new one and choose “NONE” when asked about your payment option. Use Any US address as the billing address.

  10. I cannot say how right you are!!! These other people have failed to see your point. I am going to put a link on my blog back to you ok?