They called him and informed him that he won! He won a discount card and should come to claim his prize. He went and sat through an hour of questioning, which was the only thing he had to do in order to get that discount card. After answering the questions for an hour, they told him that his card should be ready in 3 days.

He’s been calling them for 3 weeks now, they’re either ignoring his calls, promise to call back and never do or put him on hold and never return. They scammed him. And you know whats funny? They just called him on his other mobile number, and without knowing it was him, told him that he just won a prize and should come by!


This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 at 4:33 am

9 Responses to “Concept Media Scammed Our Friend”

  1. Faisal says:

    I also got a call from them. But I decided to go just out of curiosity knowing it was just a scam to lure you in. (I even own the card they were allegedly giving away and didn’t need another one).

    I sat through the first 5 minutes into the interview I started messing up with the interviewer, made her call her manager every couple of minutes, I think I drove her crazy that day. Its fun, If you get the call, go ahead and try it ..

  2. Tima says:

    Did they take any money from him? What did they scam out of him? Omg the whole situation sucks though

  3. Pure says:

    Omg, they even gave him a receipt ! what the hell is wrong with them ?!!

  4. they called my brother too… but he was under 18 so he gave them my number… and they sounded like an obvious scammers.

  5. Stafa says:

    They people come in handy if they call while I’m bored.

  6. Teeman says:

    first its spammers now its scammers ! …well i thinks sue them he should !

  7. Abdullah says:

    yba hathool 7arameyah o la7ad yeshtery minhom shay, ana 3endy kart el ‘7o9omat hathaa, ma menaa faydah o ‘7o9omata ma teswah, kela 10% o nazel
    wa7ed min el shabab 6elaba min el Internet o sharah (I think) bs 3 KD

  8. Daddy's Girl says:

    This is IT!

    But they told us they were an analysis company specialized in analysing customer behaviour when purchasing stuff using their discount card. There is absoloutly no purchasing involved!!!

    We go wella they are a travel company!!!!

    Only we were saved by a screaming lady who barged in screaming at people that this company is a liar and scammer!!!!!

    Why are they calling people until this day!?!?!

    and why are they allowed to take Q8y people’s phone numbers insha2 allah?! I mean to call my husband on his zain mobile and to KNOW he is married then when he doesnt answer they call him again on his VIVA knowing it is his… shino fawtha il deniya?!?!

    and how come those BIG companies are collaborating with this company and allowing their good name to con people o lure them into their place?!?!!