I managed to get my BOLD to support the arabic font, if you’re interested you can buy the file HERE. It gonna cost you around KD 2.750.


This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 at 3:18 pm

6 Responses to “My BOLD Understands Arabic Now”

  1. Pure says:

    Thank you for the info : )

  2. nibaq says:

    Um my 8310 supports arabic out of the box without any extra file. Its all in the language options. I even deleted the other languages I didnt need to save space.

  3. How r u liking the phone? When r u going to review it for us?

  4. Mishary says:

    Pure Ur welcome 🙂

    nibaq thanks for the info 🙂

    Delicately Realitsic walla i liked it and inshalla soon im gonna do my review.

  5. kwt23 says:

    mabrook on the purchase….I WANT ONE!! and wut i understand is that only Rogers has it now…At&t will get it on oct.2 …

  6. Bash says:

    shloon anazel el 3arabi bl mobile?! momken e6areqa