Links to both of our flickr accounts can now be found at the bottom of the right sidebar.


This entry was posted on Saturday, September 6th, 2008 at 6:06 am

4 Responses to “Our flickr links”

  1. Pure says:

    Mabrook : ) ..
    and btw it appears in firefox on the right ride side not left ; )

  2. Yousef says:

    Pure opps.. i don’t know why i wrote left instead of right 🙂

  3. Pure says:

    as my wonderful mom says : “ta79il 3nd a7san il 3aylat” .. ; )

  4. Dodo says:

    Mishary.. im not gonna see ur profile ella 3gub rmothan! kella akel :s looool
    P.S. nice pics, both of u 😉